Halloween in KK, 2013 (CrackoArtGroup)

I've decided to make full use of what few clicks I get from my blog to support my friends and family on their humanitarian, environmental, artistic (and more) efforts that are happening around Kota Kinabalu (or at least I try). That said, a couple of weeks back our friends at CrackArtGroup launched an exhibition by Andy based on the renown 7 deadly sins and Stephie had invited me over.

These bunch of artists are really talented and hardworking. They have had their artworks sold nationwide, and Egan has even had his paintings bought by Publika in KL. This is a fairly small group but with the most ambitious of ideas and activities, as a result, they host their own opening, closings and even exhibitions at their own space, called the Asylum.

These were the opening night's photos by Srap Design, unfortunately!!! I had lost track of days and nights and also missed on informing you about the exhibition way earlier because the Halloween night we were invited to was actually for the exhibition's closing already :/

All these photos are rightfully owned by Srap Dsign

Artist, Andy Romeo

More photos from the exhibition

As for Halloween! I came as Mario... hahahahahaha (still enjoying the humor) over it. Especially the part when I won the best costume by them and won an incredible original piece by Adam :] Kim came as Joker and it was really spooky to talk to Kim the whole night especially when she's sitting at the passenger's seat behind in my car looking like Walking Dead :O

I really like this bunch because the girls weren't pulling any sexy, they were pulling scary!! And they even played Evil Dead with projector so we were basically watching crazy scary movie under the stars :)

There was a KISS singer, Waldo, a policewoman, that shufflin' box from party rock, a druggie, a Robin, a drag, myself as Mario and a lot more. Gotta love them.

Srap who took our photos is a proffesional photographer so you would understand why everything looks pretty awesome from his perspective here. I actually thought his photos were so good. Like it could almost be high fashion, if you see the first photo. If you're thinking of engaging him for photos that you see here and you like them, contact him personally from the link.

More photos from Halloween from Srap Dsign  

Where's Wally?? Hehehehe that was too cute :)

Till next year!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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