Beer Pongs

Hi folks, 

I haven't been updating this space for about a month now thanks to an intense juggle between family, what little social life I have, work and some more freelancing. 

So I'm going to fill up this space every now and then on what I spend most of my months on, just to give you a little insight on what's happening around KK. I take personal interactions very seriously, that said I believe in catching up with people face to face rather than dropping a text or two. Okay fine, in some cases you can only do that. 

I wake up most mornings to train on my marathon. No, no don't get excited I just glorified the run,  cause I'm only running 10KM. Hehehe. This is my first time participating in a run, a night run while I'm at it, and it's my first. So I'm kind of excited.

Besides my training for that puny marathon I'm joining, we do Salsa every month as well.  After work on Mondays, it's quite good for the mind :) And last month's was Stephie's first time. Don't mind heavily framed photo, it was my first time using a collage app -_-"

Some friends were in town so we decided to have a picnic and we didn't want to do it at the usual place, and decided to drive all the way down to Karambunai. It's a beautiful lagoon, click here for the pictures. And we played Twister :) :) 

Last week, our friend Inong decided to buy 3 bottles of Moet Chandon champagne, some beers and a new kind of music to a local pier nearby. I've never even thought of hanging out there, so it was pretty awesome just to hang out by the decks and see local boats passing by with drinks and friends. And oh yes, we played some beer pong too. Except that it wasn't a pong, rather it was a cap heh. 

So good to see Chris drink up all of that. TWICE. HAHA. 

Chris, Angel, Mira and I decided to create an E card to the man of the hour before he leaves to his next destination. That dude in starfish. 

Anyhoo, that's about it. I'll capture some photos via my phone next time. Tonight is JAZZ night! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


yuen said…
fuyoh using apps all on a canggih phone!

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