Karambunai Lagoon

Every single day I wake up feeling grateful over what beautiful home I have. It is a wholesome place to explore and indulge here in Sabah; we've got the highlands, the sun, the forests and the beautiful friendly creatures surrounding us every single day. This place is everything an explorer could ask for, and it is neatly packed in one place. All you need is time. Time to explore.

Staying on this part of the world means you'd have to be ready to swept away ever so frequently. I have been to amazing new places, really, all, the, time. And every time I do, I feel refreshed, they take/took my breath away all the time. Too many golden views and sceneries that will never be enough when penned down in words, and all that I ever want to do is to bring you to experience it yourself. 

Last week I had a team building event and we were brought to a secluded lagoon in Karambunai. Karambunai is approximately an hour's drive from the city, and it is supposedly a city resort itself. The stretch of Dalit Beach and / or Sepanggar which shares the same sea is so gorgeous, that all it needs is some inhabitants to play with. Seriously, the beach was empty! My colleague smothered himself in sand and was making sand angels all over. 

Be determined enough to look for a spotless pristine waters area and believe you me the day will only do better. My colleagues and I had to undergo some team building event and our prize was the beautiful waters and the friendly waves. After much biting, cramping and scratching, it felt like the perfect reward.

Among other things that we had to do was to "Create Our Home", which was a cute little idea really since we're in hospitality. It gave me an idea of doing the exact same thing when I'm doing a picnic next time. All I probably needed to bring was just a huge cloth and we'd cover over, find some branches and voila we have a roof on top of our head! My colleagues even decorated the place with beautiful falling branches :)

There were so many things to be amazed of. The stretch of greens, the marriage between the old and the new, everything was picture perfect, like it was meant to be as it is.

I'm coming to this lagoon (which will be kept secret for now until I have a proper blogpost to structure with) again for a picnic or two. Until then, please explore Sabah or maybe your own home. With an open mind, you'd be surprised at the depth of things you'll discover :) 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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