Jogjakarta - Day 1

After getting into the new job, my limbs were stretched to all kinds of far. I have been busy with a lot of things, projects, catching up with family, friends and just life in general. A lot of personal vacations and sightseeing were put on hold too except… I told myself that by hook, by crook or by any kinds of nooks I'd have to maneuver – YOGYAKARTA must happen!

I bought the tickets in September, and just like most of us, AirAsia’s flight prices were real steal. Since I’d have to fly to Kuala Lumpur first, I had to get four flights in total, which totaled up to RM 339 inclusive of taxes.

I usually travel light so it was no issue for me not to get any check ins, in fact, I would usually just fill my bagpack just half of its size so that I can have more rooms for personal shopping and some little souvenirs. I'm gifted for being able to pack up quite light when it comes to travelling. I usually decide to wear whatever I've just bought over my travels too. Singlets, tshirts.

By history, Yogyakarta was known as Ngadjogjokarto Hadiningrat. But as time passed by Ngadjogjokarto Hadiningrat,  evolved into something simpler and eventually toned down to something even shorter, which most locals and tourists alike have affectionately called it – Jogja.

My first day was all about getting acquainted. I reached the hostel that was perfectly situated right behind Malioboro Street called Sosrowijayan Wetan the most renown street in Jogja - for food, shopping, hang outs, meetups you name it, Sosrowijayan is where you'd want to be. Malioboro and Wetan are like two perfect souls for the thrill seekers. Like any other convenient places, they're filled with Europeans, Asians, bars, food, tour guides, "becak", girls, street food, it means you are literally at the centre of the action. Sosrowijayan is probably the liveliest street of all Jogja and where one young should be. I've included a map of where  Jalan Sosrowijayan is, and as you can see, they're a couple of hotels spotted from Google Map but in reality they're A LOT MORE. Every corner, every side, every alleys have accommodation, so everyone's there, as you should too. Including me! :D

And yet, what really humbled me even more was the fact within Sosrowijayan Wetan Street lies one small perfectly at peace mosque. Which I have observably noticed them calling this holy place as Musholla. Tourists and locals would passed by the mosque with respect, no loud noises and no intrusion. I loved the beautiful harmony.

This was next to some local bars and hostels
Before I forget, I think I need to let out my opinion on why travelers can simply be attracted to travelers, both on their backs travelers or luxury. You see, when you're traveling, you're put in most situations that are beyond your comfort zone. You'd have to ask, you'd have to listen, you'd have to speak. And because you are not at your turf (different countries, different districts) you would usually humble yourself down, and not splash the town with YOUR way of life, YOUR culture. When you choose to go somewhere, it's because you want to see what the place is like, not impose what you have or what you know, to a certain extend maybe (like share your language a little), but you don't wash out the beauty of the place, most of the time you embrace it and you accept it.

So when a particular traveler sees these humility, acceptance of different cultures and beliefs one has on others - they familiarise this, and they can simply put, relate to them. They would feel good knowing that these people are humble and very accepting of other people. And what's not to love people who are not conflicted, not complicated and always look for the best in people?

I guess this is no genius, but I guess what I'm trying to say is the kindest most giving most helpful people in the world are probably the ones who have seen different lives and received different loves from their journeys and adventures. Some call them, well traveled, well informed, the street way.

Let's get back to Jogja. You will see from this post, how rare, no wait, how none of my face appears on these photos. I am really bad at taking photos of myself not quite sure why -_________-" If you're lucky, I'll probably post one or at best, two photos with my face in it. Pft. I have low confidence posting self portrait pictures up >.<

I reached Andrea Hotel (lovely place, will Tripadvisor it) at about 2.30pm so I had all the luxury to settle down before sundown, get acquainted and start familiarizing with the place I’m staying at.  I asked a lot of basic questions about moving around and language and even getting to know the locals. They were really friendly, I loved every kind soul I've met and made friends with. Knowing I was travelling alone, some tried their luck, but most of them I'd say about 9/10 of them would help me out :)  They shared me stories, gave me insights and even sat me down for some drinks.

Like uncle Jo, who offered me rides.

I started my Jogja adventure immediately after, with a trip down to the local batik and painting shop at Prawirotaman Street by riding on his bike. Which was a bad idea because I could easily spent most of my money on those two; batik clothes and batik paintings. I loved batik and paintings so much, it's no joke to put me in those streets, let alone on the first day.

Behind the scenes of batik painting 

That was the first time that I noticed Jogja-ians loved their birds. And they're all housed in these beautifully crafted cages, most in hand-made wooden crafts. Asked them why birds, they told me it's because they bring peace and the chirpings are suppose to calm you down.

Uncle Jo that accompanied me must have regretted offering me a ride because I spent nearly two hours just browsing, neat-picking the details of the fabrics, asking them what the designs meant, feasting my eyes with those ah beautiful artworks - basically taking my own sweet time. 

The owner of the shop telling me how paintings are crafted 
The colour paletes
While I have my reasons why I wouldn't personally like housing birds, this is where I learn that the world is made of billions of different us and that this is their place and they have their reasons. So I smiled and I listen to their stories intently :) I hold these stories and lessons close to heart because they remind me of things that I love the most, learning.

Beautiful batik handicrafts. These in particular are headscarfs for Indonesian men, falls under the same family as the Songkok. I think batiks are perfect for formal occasions, especially when you twist it with a modern look. You'd look divine.

After spending hours and hours at Prawirotaman Street, I hopped on uncle Jo's back again and rode back home. The jam in Jogja is terrible, I'm guessing every part of Indonesia is. But thankfully, it wasn't as frightening as it was in Jakarta. Jakarta's jam -- was insane. That's like a whole new topic itself. But I decided to bike on people most of the time, so these bikers were basically swerving in all the corners and alleys like a boss, I had so much fun. Plus, it's like watching everything in action with no windows covering you. Like in 5D or something heh.

I didn't really feel quite encouraged to take a ride on one of these carriages as well, felt bad for the horses :( but I should have an open mind learning the different things different cities have to offer and Jogja (along with Manila really) have carriages as transportation. It's as cheap as RM 0.30 for a about 1 - 5km rides.

After spending hours and hours at Prawirotaman Street, I dropped by the infamous Malioboro Street, walked around, spoilt my eyes and started deciding on what to buy for my friends and loved ones back home eventhough it was only my first night there. AH DANGEROUS. Shopping in Jogja is crazy.

I really took my time deciding what to eat because I know Indonesians have excellent foods. I was weighing the options of what to eat for lunch, dinner and breakfast - because they're all good. And the first that caught my eye for my first meal was Soda Gembira (Happy Soda). It's basically sweetened milk, and syrup in a glass and to top it all off, you'd have to mix it with soda water.

It probably had like a billion calories, but it's so good after a long hot day and it's an Indon's special so everything is compensated! Plus, dude, when you're travelling, you should be trying new things :)

Sosrowijayan Street 
Called the first night in as early as 9pm because I had to wake up at 5am the next day for BOROBUDUR! The main reason why I chose Jogja over any other destination  :) Till then folks.


Jogja Day 2
Jogja Day 3
Jogja Day 1
Parangritis Beach

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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