Parangritis Beach

I never really mentioned about the Parangritis Beach I visited when I was in Jogja, so I thought this would be a perfect time to bring it up. When I was there, I was constantly surprised over and over at the number of excursions and the quality of excursions one can do in Jogja. I really think Jogja is underrated.

I asked around whether there's any beach nearby that I could dive myself into, unfortunately, not quite. Some are either hours away, while another one a local favourite is the Parangritis Beach. It is a little special in a way, the sands are black and warm, it has a little story behind it, believed that the beach is the gate to Ratu Kidul's magical kingdom who has been controlling the southern sea.

When I told some of the guys in my hostel that I'm going to Parangritis Beach, alone, they had the strangest of expression in their face, some convinced me to bike there with one of the rider, some told me not to go because it's too far, bla bla I was quite determined.

One bus ride after another, one junction after another, I finally managed to hop into the bus that was heading to the beach. And the view along the way my friend, is DIVINE. So much greens, I was constantly praising God of the experience that I'm having.

A bunch of these boys were to shy to sit next to me, so they ended up standing arond the whole time. Haha. And when I tried to be friendly with them, I think they got even more scared or something.

After almost 1.5 hours riding the bus with a splendid view, I finalllly reached Parangritis! Ngaa, okay Parangritis isn't all that, definitely not the cleanest beach around but I still find it somewhat fascinating. I couldn't walk from one to another because the beach was massive, so I just stroll around where I could and at one point decided to seat under one of the shade.

Black sand beach.

Along Parangritis, there are tons of eateries and shops nearby. You wouldn't believe the amount of things available, nga.


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Parangritis Beach

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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