The Sunday Routine

Usually, I would lose to my bed but now, I'm sort of kind of okay with it, often not, I sort of predicted when the sun's rising up. Sometimes under the grogginess, I subconsciously move myself to hide under whatever shades there are around, other times I would blatantly give up and begin my day. But since I've appreciate the days much more now and that the warmth of the sun fills the room within seconds of its rising -- waking up early has been a lot easier. 

You see, whenever mum asks me whether I'd like an aircond in my room I stomp on my feet and strongly told her not to. I have this beautifully crafted story of a reason why I don't want to - I want the sun to be my natural alarm clock :)

Time and time again people ask me why I refuse to plant an airconditioner in the room -- and time and time again I so jovially illustrate them my answers complete with how (terrible) I look like when I wake up, and time and time again people still thinks that I'm joking, I mean with this kind of weather (one questions). Like, I'm some kind of hippie for not wanting the conditioner to save the earth or something. Of course, besides not wanting to produce CFC so much, I actually had making it as a 'natural alarm clock' first into mind and along the way I adopted a much more environmental friendly way of living; cutting off plastic bags completely, avoiding having to use more than one car on the weekend, cutting off electricity usage, recycling items, using recycling items and so forth.

So right, I digress. After having been woken up by natural alarm clock, every Sunday, every prudent Sunday I wake up looking forward to that one day of the week that I don't have plans on. Nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you have absolutely no appointments, no dinner functions no nothing to attend to.

When I was in KL, I used to be very intimidated by Sundays. There's this kind of estranged attachment I have for Sundays and because of that I have this strange fear for the Mondays too. I don't really know why exactly, but something tells me it's because KL is such a 'lively' city and the inhabitants are no less than jubilant people themselves -- KLites just seem to love 'making' plans for the weekends. Which was something I didn't know I could live without, I bounced and I followed, often not I will reach home from wherever I was till really late on Sunday night and like a spiral, I was on top of my high and Monday blues  became brutal.

I know it was something that I had to manage, and there WERE weekends that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to but for the strangest reason I still have this awkward fear for the Mondays.

Now that I'm back at the ol' kampung, my Sundays are very close to my heart. I have it all to my own. Right after waking up, I'll switch my Sunday music on, something blue something jazzy something to fill up the room, stretch it out a little bit, gather around mum's room, talk about what weird dreams I had, and things that I encountered last night over drinks with friends, after an hour or two of catching up, we would all go our separate ways to freshen up, and see each other by the car to catch the Gaya Sunday market together.

We all love Gaya Sunday Market so much because it has been my family or rather mine's (personally) tradition whenever we can to squeeze in on Sundays. And because my Sundays are usually empty for me, I usually have a chat or two, some coffees at the coffeeshops at Gaya Street with some friends or even myself. People-seeing, shops spotting -- it's really good to bask in the vintageness of that old beautiful street none other than on a day I have all to my own.

Once I'm done with the streets I'd come home (sometimes) all drenched in sweat, sometimes with a couple of pretty earrings I bought for a few ringgits, whatever it is I always have the strangest of things with me. I'd reach home feeling exhausted from the sun and it is only right to take that ever so needed Sunday nap. And I love the sunset heat! I really do. Like it's the best thing to bask yourself in.

By 4.00pm I'll be swimming in my own sweat, thinking and imagining that I'm doing my exercise right about then. So that guilt would usually wake me up -- that whole buck of guilt would wake me up from my daze and sort of automatically dresses me up in my sports attire. If it's not sports, then I'm either scraping of dry leaves or sweeping the floors of the house but I'm always sweating it out on Sunday evenings.

Three of us would creep back into the kitchen by 6.00pm, each cooks a dish for the night and after a rather hearty meal, I'd wash the dishes -- you know everything's at a good and safe pace these Sundays. I like it, it's like I've married Sundays or something. No crazy parties, very simple, non dramatic, very humble.

Probably my favourite time of the day is when I'd hop into my car and throw the week's accumulated thrashes away, drive down town and grab my favourite ice cream. Sometimes, when I feel I've been eating way too much junk for the week, I'd grab my favourite SA's Royal Grapes instead. I even call it my Paycheck's gratification food - the SA's Royal Grapes :)

And drive back home with Jason Mraz blasting through my screens. Ah, bliss. I've never really got to loved Sunday before this, but ever since I am more in control with my life now (and this comes with adulthood I guess), I really do. Not the Saturdays, not the Fridays. Just Sundays.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that -- despite me loving to travel around so much (I really do, I would save a certain amount of money for my savings and have a little bit for my travels big or small, maybe about 10 - 15%) there's nothing quite like that ME time I enjoy every Sunday, and quite frankly there's nothing like a clubbing till 4am, temples hopping or even learning a new language can ever replace that soft spot I have for my room and in my mind.

You should have a day for it too :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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