Gaya Street Market, KK (Sundays)

My family's Sunday's traditions would be getting up real early, maybe around 7 - 8am in the morning, have some breakfast and pay Gaya Street a visit. It has been like that since we were kids - until today. Almost kind of feel like there's something amiss if we don't just (at least) glance through Gaya Street on Sundays. Gaya Street Market is only open on Sundays. So what's in Gaya Street Market? Probably only the randomest stuff in the city.

How to get there? 

It being right smack in the city, makes it easy for people or tourists to reach Gaya Street. You can opt to take buses (from all over wherever you are) and stop at Padang Terminal, cross the road and that's where you can start the walk for the market. The stretch goes right up just before Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam. It is about a half an hour of sightseeing for a side of the market, and maybe an hour or more if you make a turn and cover the next stretch (lined in red).

It starts from 6.30am - 1.00pm. I can see from TripAdvisor that everyone recommended to start the market early due to the fact that it gets really crowded, stuffy and really hot after 9am. This is mainly because most first Sunday masses' end around 9am, and right after the masses Sabahans would usually spend their Sundays taking a walk around Gaya Street. So if you are uncomfortable with the weather perching up real hot, take their suggestions and come earlier. There are tons of old coffee houses and shops along the street, have a hearty breakfast to begin your day and just take a stroll in the market.

I was greeted by this lovely lady helping her mum out :)

Just like other tourist attraction markets, Thailand usually being the most famous in having markets, Gaya Street Market too has the randomest of stuff. And by random I mean;

A couple of Christian statues / crucifix
Old Books
They even sell chicks among other animals for adoption or to rare them. Some of you might find the idea of selling animals (especially in cages) a little disturbing, but I sincerely believe most do good out of buying our caged friends here :) 

Like some people who would buy birds just to release them, very good for the karma. 
You can choose to do that instead :) 

Colourful Birdies
Some even come to Gaya Market just to get massages from the Blind Society. They're quite big here in KK. simply because they work real hard to survive. They open every Sundays, and have regular meetings / AGMs. I would know because I personally have helped them during my time in high school. 

Society of the Blind Sabah

It's called the "Mosquito Repellent" Plant - how, apt
Or an elaborated, beautifully sequinned Baju Kebaya from Gaya Market maybe? 

Toys - perfect for the little ones
But of course they have hardware items! 
Other kinds of toys - perfect for the older kids :P
Local paintings. 
Local paintings - some are drawn then and there
A couple of lovely butterflies. These are for interior decorations, something for the curtains, the rooms maybe. 

 And Gasing. Learn from this dude how to rope the gasing in/ out :) 

Learn how to play the Gasing

 And something for the ladies, plenty of pearls and Parios along the way 

Last but not least, some Bornean Cigar. 

You can finish Gaya Street Market, easily in an hour or maybe more if you're serious at bargaining and shopping for some stuff. Suggestively, you can squeeze the market in before the islands or maybe before flying or busing of to another district. It's one of the oldest market tradition here in KK :) 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Alison Alison said…
Thanks...Cant wait to go next sunday

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