Long House Stay, Kalampunian Beach Kudat

Chris, Angel and I decided on heading to Kudat about a month back. After finally settling it on this long Raya break, when the day came we were as ready and packed up everything -- included were some sleeping bags, placemats, torchlights, wholemeal breads and even a tent (just in case). 

Chris told us that we'd be able to stay at his friend's long house and we really didn't know what to expect except that it's well, a long house, that means it probably doesn't have any electricity, we weren't sure about running water and where this long house would be situated exactly... that too was a total uncertainty.

I was lucky I felt better after having an extremely (rather random) high fever the day before. So we left to Kudat at about 1pm, I was feeling better, I was driving one car and another car to follow suit.

Kudat is accessible via air or land. Eventhough it is, you must know, Tip of Borneo is still some 30 minutes away from the airport/ town. Check out the airlines and buses below:

MAS Wings. Once you're at the airport, make sure you call any of the operators that you're staying with to arrange your stay.

If you're from Kota Kinabalu (City), get to the bus terminal next to Stadium Merdeka, and they will bring you straight to Kudat.  Included are mini buses and bigger taxis probably fitting for 5 - 7 people at one go.  

We headed to the Tip of Borneo first, and swerved our way through to catch the sunset. Took us about 4 hours to the Tip of Borneo so we reached there about 5pm and roam around the beach to catch up on the sunset. This was my second time at Tip of Borneo (Simpang Mengayau), the first time I went I wrote all about it here. Tip of Borneo, Kudat is hugely famous for its sunset. We even have a festival called the Sunset Music Festival specifically located at the Tip of Borneo to have the sunsetting as it's backdrop. Every year all kinds of travelers would make their way up to the famous tip, gathering around for some fun and music. There was even a year where my brother took my mum straight from her treatment to the festival, 
it's a personal one right there. Sort of like a milestone for us :) 

After sunset, we headed back to the Tip Top Restaurant where we were told to meet up with Mr. Howard who's suppose to be able to show us the way to our long house. Munch, munch, munch most of the group had Lamb Chop and I had my trustee Seafood Fried Rice. 

Chris came along from Pitas and managed to talk to Howard about our long house, so we figured we knew the way but after like, one failed attempt, we thought best we needed to ask Howard again. Some of Chris' NGO friends overheard us, and actually offered to show us the way by driving us up there. Great people! 

Kalampunian Beach

Kalampunian Beach is THE best beach throughout mainland Sabah. This part right here actually reminded me of the Great Ocean Road. Untouched, pristine waters, sporty waves and long and beautiful.  I can't believe the Kalampunian Beach is extremely underrated.

Kalampunian Beach

The boys loved the ropes so much, they were busy dangling around -____-"


Kept thinking, man why is this place so underrated. It's so pretty. It reminded me a little bit like Boracay, the waters were light blue and in total contrast with the sun shining through. Except, Boracay had TONS of people, and Kalampunian Beach had... none!


Our water guns follow us everywhere. 

As I was braving through the waves with the girls, I kept thinking in my head, 'Man it's been SO LONG since I've had this much fun right in the sea!'. We were slapped, carried through, thrown back all over the sea by the waves it was crazy fun. Loved Kalampunian Beach SO MUCH. I'll be back again and again!

Because Kudat is approximately 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, it is completely remote from the mass and just plain exclusive. And because of that, it's still is really clean, beautiful and like I said, you could have it all to yourself.

And there was what, only like.. 10 of us there at the beach at that time? Including some other Western tourists. Incredible, nothing like a beautiful beach all to yourself. Some of us even rolled around the sands!

Some of the girls didn't plan to jump into the waters, but it WAS SO INVITING, they just stripped off and started swimming in their nighties. I mean, there were no one!

Angel and her "meditation"
Our Long House Home

This was our beautiful home for the 2 nights. I liked it just the way it was, couldn't have asked anything more or anything less :)

Detached natural bathroom, no door, no mosquito net, we were basically sleeping out in the halls, there was rainwater, we had sleeping bags, no candles, no mosquito repellent and just plain ol mineral water. We had no candles the first night, so we pretty much depended on some of our torchlights, in fact we even called it in earlier and chatted our way through simply because there was no way we could do any kinds of activities in pitch black darkness.

Angel, Kim and Ellie taking their baths

Our bedrooms/ hallway

Our toilet!

We did though try to get used to dark, but it was SO DARK. We ended up just talking the night through. Besides just the dark, the awesome sound of nature was our joy and company. And the skies, ah, they were the prettiest skies I've ever laid my eyes on. Stars filled up your eyes, we even saw the milky way :)

Other Accomodations 

There a few more places for you to choose from to stay here at the Tip of Borneo. Tommy's and Howard's are among the famous few. If you don't plan to stay at the Tip of Borneo, then there's a few more down at town. But frankly, Kudat town is a very small town, there's really minimal night activities, probably just include some karaoke bars (other side of the town) or dinner.

I'll be back to Kalampunian Beach that's for sure. Fell completely in love with the beach, and Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. Now that I drove around Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, I feel like I know the place like the back of my hand. I could even identified some of the turnings even though they all look like the same steep turning :) 

Been such an awesome experience. Coming back for shizzle!! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


KY said…
sounds like an excellent vacation, something totally out of the ordinary. also the first time i saw ppl shower with cloths on!
Anonymous said…
Come over to Sarawak and you will have the taste of a real authentic longhouse experience. Here is a link to let you have a glimpse on what and a longhouse is supposed to be like.

framichele said…
Very nice pictures and text (also from St. Paul) - I hope to go there some weeks later... Do you know the small kampungs nearby?
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hi Framichele,

The small kampungs nearby are Tinanggol, Sinsan and Terongkongan beach to start with! :)
framichele said…
Thank you - I had never heard this names. I try to find out some informations about the kampungs Bawang Jamal, Loro Kecil - but there is not much in internet...
Jacqkie Rowena said…
@framichele, Hi Framichele, I haven't heard of those too! Hehe. May I know what is this regarding for? Are you planning to conduct a search etc? If you email me at jacqkielyn@gmail.com I might be able to connect you accordingly.
Jeremy Sia said…
i was searching for information on where to travel in Sabah when I came across your blog.
truly an eye opening experience

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