Labuan '12

Last I went to Labuan was 14 years ago. Or so I think, could be longer. To think I stay just about 3 hours ferry ride from Labuan, and have not been there in ages is hilarious and because of it being so long ago, I actually didn't remember much about Labuan :( 

So last week, Michelle, Ingrid, Yen Ling and I decided on an impromptu trip. Just cause. 

Labuan is a very small island. It is a federal territory in/ of East Malaysia. An island off the coast of the state of Sabah. So much of the language and culture here in Labuan intermarried with Sabahan's culture, like their conversational language. Labuan's main economic source is it being an offshore financial centre, both domestic and international. Labuan IBFC is reknown for being an offshore support hub for deepwater oil and gas activities in the region. Apparently, it is a tourist destination for people going or transit to go to Sabah and /or  Brunei. Labuan derived from the Malay word 'labuhan' which means anchorage. 

You know, I might sound super smart from all these information, but they're actually from Wikipedia. Hehe. So here's where you can read more about the little quaint island that is Labuan. 

I was told that Labuan has tons of kuai los. Due to the international shipping companies. So most of the engineers, usually big bosses are the Westerners. Besides the kuai los of course, from my personal observation, Malay and Chinese make up the most of Labuan's main demographic. In fact, I think I see a lot more Indians there in Labuan as compared to KK as well. So the downside was we were only there for... ONE NIGHT. 

We had a beautiful seafood dinner by the beach, for five of us for only RM 108. We had tons of salted egg crabs oh my God, it's delicious! We were lucky that dinner was on our Labuan friend Terry :)

Here's why everyone likes about Labuan, it's duty free. One can take out only a bottle of liquor or a litre of everything mixed combine. Everything else that is more will be taxed. Chocolates, perfumes and everything else? They are a LOT CHEAPER. I bought my mum some imported cookies and my brother some ice wine. 

One of my happiest buy is this pack of 6 Shots for only RM 30, so that's RM 5 a shot! Other drinks and liquors go as cheap as RM 30 per bottle. These shots will be saved for special occasions, e.g my birthday or something like that. Something for myself. 


We stayed at Labuan Inn. It kinda looked dodgy but it was very, very near to the club we headed and good restaurants. So location was alright, room was well no complaints. As for the rate, we paid RM 138nett, for a Queen Size and a Single Bed (Family Room), fitting for four of us girls, inclusive of hairdryer, TV and a really good shower system. Hehe. Spacious enough too. 

It was literally a 30 seconds walk to the club, hangout spot that we went. I quite like the place. It felt very, erm, united. There were people from all kinds of races and backgrounds, and everyone there seemed to be very nice to each other. It was kinda cool. 

Yen Ling, Ingrid and Michelle. 

Other things to do: 

Labuan is apparently famous for Wreck Diving. So instead of fishes and a lot of colourful sea creatures to look at, you guys can opt to see something different :) 

Beach and seafood. Because the whole of Labuan is like a step away from the beach, so it's very famous for some sun and fun. So if you're thinking of relaxing, maybe you can just hang out by the esplanade, pier or some beach. 

Personally I think Labuan is still underdeveloped. The potential needs to be maxed out, especially since they're a lot of schools, international unis and local matriculations, something to pull other students from other West Malaysia states and other countries for that matter. Especially those who'd like to try living in East Malaysia for a bit. 

Left Labuan the next day at 1PM. A little bit hungover but it's all good. That's all. A little simple, but a good weekend together with my bestfriends :) 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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