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Bukit Kokol @ Kasih Sayang Health Resort

Part of this year's mission was to keep exploring Sabah. I was so engrossed with going international before this that I keep forgetting that I'm actually staying on one of earth's most mysterious and breathtaking island. Sabah, Borneo.
This will be a small step in pursuit of my mission. What was supposed to be a "destressing trip" with Ying Ying turned out to be a romantic affair between me and my mum to Bukit Kokol. Situated among the hills of Sabah's crocker range, Bukit Kokol is around 2000 feet above sea level, with unobstructed view of Kota Kinabalu city, temperature meddling around 20degrees, and just about 30 minutes drive from the city, making it perfect for those who wants a quick fix getaway.

As you can see from this map by Sabah Matthew Paul as well, Bukit Kokol should be situated around the red-highlighted area, up hill.

Getting there is the easiest. From the three way junction, between Indah Permai (One Borneo/ Menggatal), Inanam and Tebobon, he…


It was on a casual Tuesday morning that I discovered what my biggest fear in life is. 30 Seconds to Mars was playing in the background, and what I figured would be the usual ears-breaking song, the next number, ironically gave me a fuller sense of emptiness. The 100 Suns was playing, and I subconsciously lost myself in it. I wasn't working then, and getting used to a whole new environment here in KK after 6 years of the hustle and bustle needed more than just time. I needed motivation, some sort of inspiration and a whole load of ambition. I needed goals to look forward to. 
It is a haunting song. Lyrically, conceptually. Then and there, like a snap conclusion, I found out what is my biggest fear in life:
Which is to live like an empty vessel. 
To not have any goals in life, nor ambitions, motivations, inspirations and love. That fear I developed, was becoming. I was sending mum to work, fetching her, while I had so much of love for the people and things around me, I am pinned to the…

New Profound Mission

International countries will be put on hold.

Sabah is next.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Labuan '12

Last I went to Labuan was 14 years ago. Or so I think, could be longer. To think I stay just about 3 hours ferry ride from Labuan, and have not been there in ages is hilarious and because of it being so long ago, I actually didn't remember much about Labuan :( 
So last week, Michelle, Ingrid, Yen Ling and I decided on an impromptu trip. Just cause. 
Labuan is a very small island. It is a federal territory in/ of East Malaysia. An island off the coast of the state of Sabah. So much of the language and culture here in Labuan intermarried with Sabahan's culture, like their conversational language. Labuan's main economic source is it being an offshore financial centre, both domestic and international. Labuan IBFC is reknown for being an offshore support hub for deepwater oil and gas activities in the region. Apparently, it is a tourist destination for people going or transit to go to Sabah and /or  Brunei. Labuan derived from the Malay word 'labuhan' which means anchorag…


Met with so many people this month. In the midst of all, I was worried I could no longer keep tabs of their significance in my life. And I do not like that. I like to put some sort of gravity on the person that I've met, may it be strangers or colleagues. Whether I've had a minute or two of experience with them, or I've worked closely with them before this, they should hold some sort of significance.
I was tangled into a very interesting group just lately. I remembered specifically a man, who broke it down (I would say another word is question of) "religions'" aspects of life. One can be so sure that this man, is an Agnostic or Atheist, basically one who doesn't believe in any 'beliefs' or 'faiths'. But I didn't asked. Neither did I poked him about anything that he was arguing about. I was busy listening intensely.
Firstly, most of us has made that term religion sounds so rigid. Like a block of wall. So difficult to penetrate from the ou…

Big Company

Most twisted, but also the most beautiful thing about a big organization is that you passed through so many different people everyday. But if you take the time, to embrace the individualism in the ones that you've passed, you will find yourself an amazing view of the frictions between these two.

And the beauty of it all is when you decide to make an exception from the big organization's rule. Because frankly, learning from people is far greater than reading books and experiencing things yourself.

I love talking to different people :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

The Chinese Man who Never Celebrated Chinese New Year

On the first day of CNY last two Mondays ago, I came to work to take photos of the celebration in the hotel. Coming to work on a public holiday is a common thing in the hotel industry, in fact we are the busiest during public holidays for well, obvious reasons. When you're on a break, we will serve you instead :)

So as I was walking up towards the lift I saw one of my Chinese Chef, walking towards the lift like the usual blank canvas that he is. If he were a colour, he would be blue. Calm, serene and humble. I was a little surprised for a veteran like him to be there on the first day of CNY, why doesn't he get the CNY off? Or why doesn't he take offs on CNY? Doesn't he celebrate Chinese New Year?

I had so many questions in my head. And we walked into the lift together. We had an awkward moment for the first 10 seconds. I broke the ice, and asked him. Aren't you suppose to be celebrating Chinese New Year? 

He looked at me, emotionless. It was as if I was just some n…