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Room 707, 7/F Sincere House, 
83 Argyle St, Mong Kok, Kowloon, 
Hong Kong, China. 

Hong Kong is very notorious for its small compact places. Imagine, a normal studio apartment we are familiar with can be broken down to about 20 rooms. 20 rooms! They have the smallest, tiniest facilities to go along with this development. A sink as small as your 15 inch laptop is skilfully placed and engineered to fit everything else in the bathroom, like the toilet bowl and even the heater just right.

Before I went to Hong Kong I was worried that the place we will be staying would be TOO small, and dirty. I assumed it simply because of the very cheap rental we had to pay during our stay. It was, RM 1531.00 for 8 nights for 4 people, leaving about RM 382.00 per person for the 8 nights stay. Mind you this place was right smack in the middle of Mong Kok, about less than 2 minutes walk to the train station and a minute walk to the very famous Ladies Market, so location was seriously unbeatable.

Map guide:  

A - Mong Kok Train Station, Exit D2 
B - Dragon Hostel, Hong Kong
C - end of Ladies Market - The red line is the Ladies Market's stretch 

The place turned out to be adequately nice and clean! Of course as expected it was small, definitely smaller than any usual hostels or hotels, but it fit 4 of us ladies just nicely. I read some of the reviews online that their rooms had no windows, so I particularly was worried about that, but thankfully ours had. Probably because our room was among the biggest. Other than that, the single bed, and the queen size double decker was placed just nice, with more space underneath the bed for us to place our bags and shoes.

Audrey and I slept on the same bed, a double bed, while Kerry slept on the single and Swee slept on top of the bunk. Perfect!

Audrey was particularly worried about the cleanliness of the place. Turned out, it was REALLY clean. We were surprised yet again! The bathroom was spotless clean. Eventhough the bathroom was really small, but it perfectly fitted the sink, the toilet bowl and the shower giving enough room for us to shower. I'm not quite sure whether it would fit the big Europeans, but for Asians like me, it was just fine in fact there was even more room for me to move around. 

Staff & Tickets Convenience 
I STRONGLY recommend Dragon hostel not just because I stayed there and well pretty much liked it, but also because the convenience the hostel offered is at its top notch. Not only does the Mong Kok train station is less than 2 minutes walk, the ladies market a minute walk and other shopping malls like the Langham Place is about 5 minutes walk, you can also buy almost all the tourist attractions spots’ tickets from there at discounted rates! Trust me, this will SAVE SO MUCH OF YOUR TIME! TRUST ME! Mr. Stanley and his son were always so helpful to us and the rest of the residents. There were a couple of times some of us were locked outside (because there was only one key provided for the room for the four of us) at 4AM in the morning *shy*, but Mr. Stanley and his son were always willing to help. 

Disneyland Tickets
-          Dragon hostel : HKD 350
-          Disneyland : HKD 399

The Peak Tram and Sky Terrace
-          Dragon hostel: HKD 58
-          Peak Tram: HKD 70 (and the line was insanely long!!! Thank God we bought it from Dragon Hostel first)

So yes, we managed to skip through the insanely long line just by buying our tickets at Dragon hostel so that was a HUGE relief. I can so much about this place, but for more testimonials about thisp place please feel free to look through Trip Advisor Dragon Hostel here – they’re of huge help! 

Should you take the cab to go to the airport, please liase with Mr. Stanley or his son because the price shared by Dragon Hostel is fixed as opposed to hailing your own cabs. Most Taxi drivers there are rip offs and they will (usually) try and cheat their way through. Not ALL Hongkies are rude bear in mind, I figured it's probably because the place (Mong Kok) is ALWAYS pack and full of people. IN GENERAL! Whatever it is, please becareful with your belongings :)

Other than that, hope you have fun in your next trip to Hong Kong! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


teena said…
hi jackie! i was reading your review for the dragon hostel because we are going to HK in May. very helpful, thanks for your insights. I don't mind small rooms as long as their clean & they smell nice. My concern is the security as the building seems to be small & old, are the emergency exits accessible & visible in case of earthquakes, fire, etc? it is safe from people who might break in? appreciate your thoughts. - teena, philippines
It will really fantastic & helpful information. it will very use full for me Thanks.

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