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One picture to describe the company + last weekend,

Ok, tons of pictures coming right up.
So life's been crazy busy these past few weeks. Not one weekday, okay make that any-day, have I not been on the edge of my seat thinking about work. That aside, it's like time's chasing behind me like a bullet train.
Sleep, alarm clock rings. Sleep, type type type. Sleep, rest. Next thing I know, it's July. That would be about a total of 180 days gone by.
All the happening events' pictures been seasoned out by time. Nothing eventful lately, okay I lied. A lot has happened within these two weeks. Not quite sure where I should start;
I know the long post below must have been read by all of you by now. Mummy undergo an operation last week and blessed enough my boss gave me 2 days of leaves so that I could visit my mum. Frankly, she has been strong and I couldn't say for myself. There are so many things running through my mind whenever I'm back home or most times, whenever…

Don't rain on my days

A few days ago, mum texted me that doctors had found a lump on her breast.
Dazed and confused, I reread her text trying hard to not misinterpret what I just read. For some strange reason, I was calm. Or so I thought I was.
I gave her a call to clarify as I was dying to know what it was all about, hoping I could steer clear of all things possible. And what was something I thought could help me ease the pain got me even more indignant at accepting the news. I was hurt, more than anything.
I know her very well. She is the kinda person that would use all the subtle words to describe everything. Typical mums. Especially bad news in particular. I tried digging in deeper on what was/is the seriousness of the situation, but all she could say was that the removal operation needed to be done the soonest.
...while I go ahead with the rest of the day. Distracted. Mad. Because I felt helpless, that I am 2.5 hours flight away from the person I love the most, that I am incapable of saying all things…

World Cup SA 2010 Kick-Off!

Though friendly matches have started long ago, hype usually comes later. And by later I mean the finals for 2010's FIFA World Cup which is kicking off tonight!
I don't follow leagues mainly because I couldn't keep up, though at times I do stumble upon the matches when I'm out and I do check them out.
While the rest of the world is rooting for their countries (lucky them) other favourite countries, or to just follow these multi-billionaire players in short pants in action, of course I'm joining in the bandwagon too, not because of the bookie activity but because it's of tradition! Been following WC since 12, so this time would be equally the same.
During the World Cups I have had my crazy moments too; Threw my sister an empty bottle because she teased my favourite team when they lost the QF - at her face! Missed classes just to watch the matches Dakao (gaduh in Chinese) with my classmates because well, when some teams lose some actually get personal. Haha damn funn…


Keyboards sounds.

Poker face.

Wiping them, dying while I watch everything becomes fatal. Putting on a facade. Is it really like putting completely different jigsaw puzzles altogether?

Hi, I’m Jacqkie.
Start all over?

Love & peace,Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Hello workweek!

Time reached "birthday party" : 10PM
Meet the two walking graffitis.

Time left trashed condo formerly known as "birthday party": 6.38AM
I was in another room looking just about the same as these guys.
This was my weekend, How was yours?
*Courtesy of Daddy Alcohol's Colin Quah's photos
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.