One picture to describe the company + last weekend,

Ok, tons of pictures coming right up.

So life's been crazy busy these past few weeks. Not one weekday, okay make that any-day, have I not been on the edge of my seat thinking about work. That aside, it's like time's chasing behind me like a bullet train.

Sleep, alarm clock rings. Sleep, type type type. Sleep, rest.
Next thing I know, it's July. That would be about a total of 180 days gone by.

All the happening events' pictures been seasoned out by time. Nothing eventful lately, okay I lied. A lot has happened within these two weeks. Not quite sure where I should start;

I know the long post below must have been read by all of you by now. Mummy undergo an operation last week and blessed enough my boss gave me 2 days of leaves so that I could visit my mum. Frankly, she has been strong and I couldn't say for myself. There are so many things running through my mind whenever I'm back home or most times, whenever I see her. Mixed feelings of all kind.

For news, everything went well. She looks healthy and with all your prayers this would pass by just like a bad dream.

This weekend was lovely. The Singaporean counterparts came down for a weekend gathering - organised by the Malaysians and all I can say is it has been nothing but bonding session. I am so glad this took place, and hopefully in future - more of such takes place.

To be frank, I am already missing some of them :(

We had laser tag, Wai Sek Kai, Bah Kut Teh, massages to loosen up on them tight muscles, bonding gathering at boss', and awesome dim sum the next morning! The dim sum were so awesome I'm still having the durian bread taste, nyam nyam nyam.

In the meantime, this Alex was being bimbotic asking me about Sabah.

What do you call yourself then? A Sabahan-nian?
-____________- Sabah is a state, so I'm a Sabah-an.
Isn't "bahan" a bad word?
You know like, "when someone bullies you a lot, you're like just a bahan to them?
Hahahahaahah *whacks him*, Hmm, you know what, that actually makes sense...

Been talking alot to my girls lately. Am glad that we have these occasional, okay daily catching up sessions in MSN. They're a bunch of lovely, fouled mouth ladies I've ever met and am thankful that though I may be far from my family they are close to next. And yes you too Jessy and Daren.

Thanks psycho friends :)

Till then,

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


The Soundaholic said…
:) You look so cute in that picture! I am so proud of you Jacqkie, you were in the eye of the storm, yet you braced yourself through and has weathered through it all and is still standing. You survived it. :)

I know I'm such a lousy friend and hasn't been around much, I have to resit on exam (goddamit!) so I'm franctically studying my butt off.

So many good/bad things has been happening to me too, I can't wait to share the good ones with you :)

Keep going, babe. You're doing great.

Lots of love,
Mazzy <3

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