Thanks boys!

Hello you :)

Finally able to take a breather from a busy hectic month. Some of the girls are back in Malaysia, and is already slowly settling down. It's not easy to pick up where we left especially with our closest friends and loved ones, things are just not the same. We don't share the same jokes, nor know the same circles anymore, keeping up with new things in each other's life is like starting all over.

But, I guess I'm ready. I have to.

I've gotten fairly close to some of the boys I just met here in Adelaide. Note the word, just. In a way I'm glad we've only gotten to know each other just recently, like I told Jifai and Amai leaving the party when it's just getting started probably has the most impact on you. True enough the girls wailed like babies on their day of departure. Fact is, it's not about just being separated. It's about not knowing when days like these could ever happen again, never knowing. The bond we have with these boys is just so different.

Before Audrey, Cindy and Yuen left for KL, the boys made us the cutest things :) It's supposedly to be a pot of flowers (7 flowers to be exact) with their faces printed on the bodies of the bees (but of course). It's so adorable! Justin told us that, the story behind the idea is that the bees are attracted to flowers. Aiyer, so sweet. We thought the boys were up to something, but we would never thought they could come up with something this creative and random.

I really appreaciate this, Amai, Jifai, Justin and Sam, so cuteeeeelah. Thank you, I love it, I love you guys :)

Today we rode bikes to Henley Beach again :) This time was a lot, I cannot stress this more, A LOT more relaxing. But, my bike was a lot smaller and shorter, I was hunching terribly my way through. But knowing me, I refuse to complain so heeee, still had fun, saw cute horses, pet one, ended up with tons of flies stalking us. The last time we went was not only rushing, we really did not know how long it will take us, hence the cycling like mad. Vajayjay damn pain, we were literally crabbing our way home.

We were also talking about living in Adelaide, or being angmoh for that matter. I mean yeah, this place is good money, better service (human contact per se), I mean which capitalist cpuntry isn't better than Malaysia, but I'd like to pursue something I really want, I'm really sure of even if it means starting of with shit money. Fingers crossed, Cinderella story applies to me.

I want to leave missing all of you, relaxed and calm. I hope the baby me won't take over this Saturday.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Yuenny said…
bluekkk :p you also got cry at the airport okay :p

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