Meteor Shower

Not entirely blue sky, clouds rush in, whistles of wind everywhere, drizzle. Nicer temperature as compared to two nights before. It was stuffy, wet and sticky. People usually relate to how they're feeling at that moment with the weather, something I have adopted ever since I came here. Used to refuse to feeling blue during heavy pour, but somehow, in someway I crash on my balcony couch with a lot of thinking when it's all cloudy. Nothing negative, usually reflective, but it must be the weather, I thought. I told you the weather can be a conversation on it's own. It's that volatile.

I took this photo for the irony of wearing sweater on a very hot / sunny day. Stillness in times of change.

You've probably read my status on witnessing a meteor shower. I swear, it was one of the biggest highlight in my life. In fact, I can scrap it off from my to do-list before I die. When they messaged me that there was going to be a meteor shower, I didn't expect anything, nothing. I wasn't hopeful, because of so many disappointments in the past, this could just be another one.

Went off to the field at about 3.00AM, after much complaints we decided to just lie on the grass and pray. Pray for something to bring home to. A story perhaps. True enough, my wandering eyes caught the first one after 20 minutes or so. The excitement was infectious, everyone started spotting everything. The slow one, the non- mover, the brightly-lit, heck even the plane and the satellite. The second came unexpectedly, bigger, faster. Even more exciting. The fourth flew off, the fifth. The sixth, the seventh. After each miracle, everything was snowballed to a bigger hope.

Until the biggest ball of fire flickered to our very eyes. It was massive. It was of purple shade, leaving it's huge trail as mark. Trail was evident for a good 10 minutes. Miraculously, all of us saw it unlike the previous ones. We went completely insanely excited, I personally couldn't grasp what just had happened. It was surreal, it's like God was feeding us what we've been waiting for. We waited for a bit, unfortunately, clouds were closing in, were turning red, making way for sunshine.

The best finale, we really couldn't have asked for more. It must be the company...

I will be here for another 29 days, deep down I'm counting the changes I will go through. The reality checks that I will face. Not excited about it, but it feels like a change is important after all these sweet fun rides. If it wasn't for the incredible people I met and bonded with along the way, saying goodbye will be a million times easier.

I woke up today with a cool breeze to my face. I turned around and smiled :) Justin and Sam bought/ brought me and Carmen fans yesterday to overcome the summer heat. It's things like these that makes it impossible for me particularly, since I'm leaving soon, to leave. Not just the action, but the thoughts are downright touching. I promise I will do all it takes to remain in touch and stay connected with you guys I've just met, near far. Least we could do, is remain friends. The whole 'getting close again' process, we will work it out when we see each other after our last separation. I feel so blessed and loved.

Thanks Adelaide.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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