Sunny Update

Today has been pretty sunny and I love it! Soon as I reach home from class I couldn't wait to take my camera and snap away :) I didn't take outdoorsy stuffs 'cause I was at home, but I promise mum to take pictures of the flowers here when they start blooming :)

I just like the colour of sun, you know, after gloomy rainy days. It's so therapeutic!

The clouds are gorgeous, this is no photoshop! :)

Me playing with the sun, at one point I felt shy because people kept looking at me taking pictures of random things on air. I wanted snap the colours of the sun!

Cindy going home to her apartment :)

I saw these two birds "making out" the other day when I was having tea with Cindy in the balcony. At first we thought they were fighting, turns out they were kissing or puckering with each other. I thought it was too priceless not to take a photo of! Too cute :)

I'll be out watching Anna Wintour in her life's documentary or Vogue for that matter with the girls tonight, and had to delicately say no to mum's request of Skype. Sad, but I'll be chatting with her tomorrow. Till then, soak up the sun! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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