Spring is here!

After almost a month or so waiting,

Spring is finally here! Snowy, Rubee and Mas invited us along for a picnic in Botanical Garden near the city and it was bliss! The weather was gorgeous, sun, wind, and ducks combined is recipe for such beautiful day.

Here are the pictures taken from Rubee's and Yuen's camera. Well, they both have DSLRs or SLRs or something like that, I'm not too sure, but their pictures are definitely way nicer :)

There were quite a number of people having picnics as well, and it was so sweet to see family birthdays and weddings being held on that beautiful sunny day. Oh not to mention, the day before that when we were out in the city, when I saw a couple of Chinese dudes buying flipflops - I just couldn't wait to wear mine as well! Nyehehe :)

Here's the three of us playing with bubbles :)

The rest playing Ice, Water, Fire while I was playing bubbles! It was funny to see bunch of A-dults running around!

After the picnic, half of the group went for Bazaar Ramadhan at University of Adelaide. The uni is huge and the bazaar is secluded!

Next picnic will be with Audrey and the usual girls in Glenelg Beach! Weee, Spring! Take out your flip flops, shorts and t-shirts - the sun is out!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Beth said…
Heyyas babes :)

I'm so glad you're having fun!

And yes, so happy that spring is here hehehe, but oh man do I have a lot of stuff to do :(

Hope you're holding up ok! Miss youse xoxoxox *hugs hugs hugs*
Jacqkie Rowena said…
I did love :) Take care!

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