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Gavin Degraw - I don't Want To Be

How many billion years ago did I last updated my blog? It seems like for July, it has only been three times I've posted something in here. I'm counting the days till I get to enjoy my holidays again. Working's been fun, but if there's anything I hate about working it's the discipline part of the job and of course the responsibility. And you know what, even when I'm typing this down I constantly want to press Ctrl + S (to those who don't know this is to save your work) and it makes me realize I'm a bloody workaholic! You know what's worst - I feel darn good about it sometimes.

Taxi to Midvalley: RM6.00
Visit to Starbucks for Breakfast and Work: RM20.00
Taxi to One-U: RM13.00
Moviefor Daren to teman meon my work: RM5.00
Lunch: RM7.00

Experienc e of working: PRICELESS
Daren's sweet gesture of accompanying me (but felt asleep for the entire movie):

I can't even pen-down my words to describe the experience I'm getting from this part-time internship I'm currently doing. I mean why should I? It couldn't have been more perfect the way it is - I shall let people know or see it for themselves. As for sweets, well when these two elements collide, that's when I'm torn in two. I got so tired most of the days after work, that I literally feel like taking steroid and whatnot to keep-up with him. It's crazy and desperate.

As I sat down in Starbucks alone last Friday, I looked around and observed, most of them are all dressed up in formal suits just like me, most of them are all typing down things I'm certain it's work just like me, but most of them bought a cup of coffee and a cake that wasn't even finished and it was left there to waste. I'm thinking, maybe I shouldn't have done this everyday. I mean, who am I to appear in such places, where class and elegance seem so important, and honestly speaking, I would usually grab the food and shoved it to my mouth unlike some, forks and spoons were like makind's greatest invention. Hygienic?It wasn't even in the question anymore. When the whole world is doing that in such place, it's natural we do the same.

I'm blogging yet again from sweets' place, this time because I want too :) Oh, I've missed blogging so much, I sure hope I can get to do it more-often after I'm done with work. Wee!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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