Road trip and beach day @ Cabana Retreat

Sabah is really on the world's map these days. You can't walk a mile without seeing a tourist frolicking through their phones getting their bearings these days. Which is actually alright, I just hope we are aware of the sustainability of things. Which also makes something about a road trip, so refreshingly untempered.

Something about going away to somewhere (even though it is still towards a touristy area) feels incredible. Maybe it's the scenic drive. The more engagement with your surroundings, and the chatter you enjoy with your family and friends in the car. The independence in exploring a new place, instead of going in and out to a place you see so much in pictures.

The four of us decided to travel to Kota Belud and stay overnight at Cabana Retreat because one of us is heading to the big city Singapore to work. Kind of like a farewell, and that I almost forgot it was the Ramadan month, so Fat can't eat during the day. I was also still very sick, coughing my lungs out.

We stopped by the small towns of Tuaran (major points for road trip, are stops and supporting small local businesses along the way) and Tenghilan on the way back and had lunch there. For the most part, we were trying to catch the sunset having to run from the cloudy skies.

It drizzled when we arrived, but how awesome the sunset was still so spectacular! I took some photos with Ann, while Ingrid accompanied Fat for the breaking of fast. But since we looked quite ragged from the drive and the day we limited the selfies lol.

Lol yes, that's a lot of mee in the cup in our bag. 

We stayed in Cabana Retreat from Ann's suggestion. This is a highly social media popularised glam camping site, with beautiful set up camps overlooking the sea. Quite fun with the three, catching up on life and the many things in the future.

I absolutely love the sea view restaurant!! In the morning, with blue skies, and white sandy beach it looked like it's straight from a postcard! We took TONS of photos, that by the end of it all we were literally so tired. Why I'm posting them on my blog.

The place is so beautiful, and I know many mentioned about it being hot, but they probably rectified a few things including having the coconut tree leaves to cover the tent and there's aircond! They were also the nicest service bunch, they assisted us with all our strange requests, absolutely loved them.

The day after Fat and Ann went to swim at the beach while Ingrid and I ramp on the ATV and bicycles.


Will I be back, yes possibly!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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