Walking around the Old Town Prague

...deserves a post all by herself↔💘

I love Prague. Old town Prague?
Maybe a little obsessed by it.

I remember old town Prague; the beautiful orange hue as Jessy and Mum's backdrop. Melancholy violin playing as background music. People clapping, cheering, some kissed. The old in pairs, some alone, clucking through the cobblestones with their walking sticks. The young laughing their way through the bridge - some with a pint in their hands. Kids running escaping from their mums. We even saw a fully dressed full fledged wedding couple. Getting ready to snap at sunset. In the midst of throngs of people.

Why wouldn't everyone love this bridge? 
It's so beautiful. It's so alive. 

And there are layers, and layers of this remarkable town. One entry from the other, another area is vibrant with more things.

It really just keeps getting better by each step.

This was the walk in the morning, we walked into the Old Town Square without knowing. There were horse carriages, ice creams, cold beers and just so many people.

We had ice cream, kebabs, fries and beers by the side of the road (wow we really don't stop eating). Doing the most European activity; watching people. It is fascinating though, the people on the streets are all kinds.

More sunset photos because. LOOOOK.
It's so gorgeous.

On our last night in Prague, we decided to treat ourselves to a grand dinner. And by grand, I mean by a whole chunk of meat and potatoes.

It was so dramatic. Our restaurant was operated by a hotel restaurant right next to where we were seating. We were seating outside "looking at people", again the European thing.

Jess and mum wanted to go to the loo, that by the time they came back they look confused and a little disoriented. 10 minutes later, an ambulance came and squeeze its way through the tiny streets of old town to the hotel restaurant where we were and we were like, whats going on?

... and then Jessy said. I suspected someone tried to kill himself. 


Turns out when they went to the loo, they saw a young boy sitting on the floor looking distraught and being consoled by his mother? Not sure where they got this assumption, but it seemed quite unfortunate nevertheless.

So we got sidetracked for 10 minutes.

And then we continued stuffing ourselves.


No let's do a close up.


Loved the old town Prague. I can still vividly remember how lively the streets were, and how beautiful it was brought merry by all kinds of people from all walks of life. That's how a street should come alive.

We went home around 12am, not realizing that it was really late. Sunset was at 9pm, so we really lost track of time.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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