Kota Kinabalu sunset cruise

A couple of years ago, we "gifted" mum a sunset cruise as a retirement present. It was in a form of a printed voucher hehehehe. A couple of years later, it still didn't happen and my sister wanted to do one now for her birthday.

Many amazing sunsets missed later, we finally chose a date (and a lucky promotional rate from the North Borneo Cruise) to go on board and one to finally coincide with Jessica's birthday.

Of course, that would mean, weather. And like most things, you can't control it. Days before our actual cruise we didn't want to think so much about it, but of course it was lingering in our minds. There is not one without drama of course, the whole week was forecasted to have thunderstorms and rain 😖

There was only one way, Let Go and Let God. Only time I try to wear sunglasses.

But that was the only timing to fit Jessy's birthday, and we only know the North Borneo Cruise that hosts sunset cruises, I understand many do this as well but they were the ones with a local promotional rate that I know of so yeay!

Normal rate: RM 296nett
Promotional rate: RM 188nett

It came with an evening dinner and drinks buffet as well, which was great food really, but honestly we're on board mostly for the experience and of course the sunset. If sunset had a price, it would probably be RM 188nett for us. 2 hours on board, 15 minutes of eating and 1.45 minutes of roaming and running around the boat 😂

Turns out it was...


It really taught me that we can only plan so much. When it comes to weather, nature and (actually) most things, these are beyond our control. How is it that we only start to pray when we know that things are beyond us. 

I am happy the weather forecast was wrong. But even if it was right, I am sure that I would still enjoy the cruise, because - mum and jessy would laugh it off.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Floyd Briscoe said…
love the purple sunset...you havbe no idea how lucky you are young lady...although you probably do xx

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