Wedding in the Family

If I had not known my brother and wife Anastasia, I would think that their wedding was the most beautiful I've ever experienced 😍

But because I know them, it became 10x more beautiful 😌

Because I knew their stories, I danced carefree, I revel in their pursuit to start a family, I took part in the process, and because I know I will grow with them.
^Screengrab of the actual day wedding day

We had very little part in it, mostly on invitation, church and basically meeting family and friends because the couple knew exactly what they wanted and had planned everything. And to those who've had anyone in their family / siblings married, you would know how you would be involved in the celebration one way or another.

They hired an excellent wedding planner and decorator Your Wedding Stories Kota Kinabalu which took care most of the entire thing and their requests, while Jessy, mum and myself supported bit by bit in areas needed.

The stress usually begins about a year and a half prior. From engagement settlements and celebration,  to the actual planning (for the couple only) right up to the day itself. So does our stress. Invitation is a crucial part to any celebration and party. And there's so many people you can appease, because at the end of the day as humans we forget and make mistakes. And we made some no less.

Church Wedding

We had to "force" some shut eye around 11pm the night before, just to make sure we don't look like death on the wedding day. Not to mention we were stuck IN THE WORST JAM OF KOTA KINABALU that night before. Luckily, we decided to have dinner in the hotel, of the wedding reception itself which halved the jam. We were expecting family and friends, near and far so the least we could do was to have some energy to meet and greet everyone 💗

We started at 4am. Well, Jessy did since she had some professional makeup done on her. While I fixed my own and managed mum's decisions on what to wear.


The hotel's view where we stayed.

It didn't help that my dress WAS SO TIGHT I was like fck how am I gonna breathe. It didn't matter anymore. You thought I'd learn from all those years and events and stuff, but no (also because I've been so busy right up till that day!) I bought the first thing that I thought was decent. OK excuses aside, we reached the hotel around 7am to come together as an entourage to church. The boys had burgers and had some photoshoot in the room. I was like, omg I'm gonna be hungry I HAVE to eat this burger and fit it into my tight dress however way.

^The boys played PlayStation while waiting for the bride. Also part of the photos. So chill (on the outside)

^This was the only full body shot photo I have of me and my girl

My brother assigned me to be the timekeeper of the church wedding, and I was being all bitchy like, GUYS TIME? WE HAVE TO LEAVE.

And when finally the car to escort the bride to church came and it was 💖💖💖💖

A vintage convertible with lots of greens and flowers around it. It was so pinterest and dreamy! I wish I had photos now and we'll share once ready! I drove one of our car with my heels and all, and very tight dress.

And when the ceremony began..............

Maybe it's the priest's sermon, maybe it's the burger, maybe it's my tight dress, maybe it's the fact that I was really tired from a lot of things, I had TONS of emotions mixing through my veins, heart, body that I wanted to just cry then and there being so happy for everyone.

I was like 😀😆😔😒😣😫😢😍😟😭

To see my only brother say I do, and I'm sure everyone thinks like me, to see someone finally settle for something perfectly imperfect is so heartwarming. But my tears just won't let me!! It's probably because of the makeup too I was like, DUDE I'M NOT GONNA MESS YOU UP. So I felt like being punched in the face and wanting to vomit without being able to truly express 😖

👆I have the worst description for holding tears don't I.

Wedding Reception

When we finally wrapped up the church wedding (I was busy being a bitch like - guys guys it's 1200 I think you have to leave now for another session?) I felt so relaxed. We went back to the hotel to eat lunch and have a quick rest before the actual makeup and hair, before the whole thingamajig start again.

I knew we had to start makeup early because I've done with Swee Wei's wedding to start at like what 12?! So ours started at 3pm for a wedding at 6pm.

The wedding was at Sutera Harbour Resort's Main Grand Ballroom.

^My makeup and hair done by my good friend Siti Fatimah Zahra. Affordable and dolled me up exactly the way I wanted!! Thank you for being so patient with me!

The funniest thing happened. While putting on our clothes, we realised JESSY AND I BOUGHT THE EXACT SAME SKIRT JUST DIFFERENT COLOUR 🙆🙆🙆 Like wtf. It wasn't on the same day we went out together just, we bought them on random times wtf. We were laughing so hard....... anyway.

We had to go early to check up on the invitation list only to realise how magical that ballroom / place turned into.... I was like how is this possible.... And yes that time was the only time I truly had the time to explore...... I was equally as excited as everyone that came to explore the place!! Cause I didn't know what to expect!!

And then the dinner started.... I don't remember much, except laughing so hard A LOT of times. Especially the part where my brother danced to Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. A FULL CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE.

I was like ..

We were like chicken running around headless from registration till about mid end where we finally had the time to meet and say hi to most people. And yes, to those that were out of reach, WE ARE TRULY SORRY. We had done our best to become tentacles / squids for that night but alas there's so much we can reach. Our intentions are the best and happy to receive all the blessings and prayers from everyone that came / sent regards 💖

I felt it that's why I was so happy that night ! 💖

^Some screen grab I took from their actual day video

A wedding seemed like a normal event (or so at least that's what I thought), that you'd have to organise until someone in the family got married. And I was like, omg? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY THINGS TO IT? Like, not even the extra things even the basics are tricky to keep up! MY HATS OFF to those who've pulled out amazing weddings before even the basic ones... ARE A FEAT! And to do it while going by your normal daily life like work, family and stuff - THAT IS AMAZING.


You guys and everyone who did an amazing job organising your wedding / anyone else's for that matter you deserve a CAKE!!

The celebration actually continued to the day after............. Except I wasn't sure to put up the photos since we were more loose... and there were more booze...

But to see families combined 💘💘💘💘

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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