Walking around Shanghai - Pt 2

Not quite sure how many parts I have to my Shanghai posts 😂😂, because I have lost track of the timeline, and the schedules of my postings. HEHE

Anyway, I combined these posts of the two days that I had the pleasure to walk around Shanghai. First day, after the wedding together with the whole gang. Second when we were going back home.

The weather was perfect 😉😉 Aaaaaand I almost broke my neck looking at the buildings. Am I the only one that's appreciating these buildings?? I wanted to lay down face up on the floor looking at these buildings and make stories out of it. Imagining them come alive when everyone else is sleeping.

Chee Hang had to fly to Macau for work, so we walked around The Bund and had brunch there prior. A fancy ass brunch I may say. With chandeliers and reflective mirrors........... 😍😍 and a secret room with even longer hallway of reflective mirrors 💓💓

 ^It had an AMAZING LAU SAR PAU. ONE I had to take a photo with hehehehe. They also forced me to take profile photo material since I don't like taking photos of myself...... Or publish them rather.

But nope, not sharing here. hahaha.

 ^The alleys where there are secret rooms................. for all your desires. I don't know maybe you wanted to eat more dimsums to yourself maybe??

The second was in the neighborhood streets of where Chee Hang lives. His house is so cute and compact ^_^

We wanted to take a walk around the area, but Beh's bowels got destroyed from the night before of eating super spicy steamboat so he had to rush back to the house and camp in the toilet :(

Treeeees. Refreshing I must say after seeing super high concrete buildings.

I continued walking just around the area. I LOVE PEOPLE WATCHING. Like LOVE. If anything the Europeans had taught me from my travels to Europe, it's the pleasure in people watching. Like, they're so many things you can pick up from. The body language, the food, their fashion sense, the fact that they're line dancing in the middle of the streets. People is a show on its own.

 ^Doggie wears shoes :)

Beh and I stayed on at his place, and watched tons of netflix. HAHA. Yes, we watched Netflix in Shanghai. I had ran low on cash, and because I was gonna take a cab / uber back to the airport I had to make sure I had just enough as buffer in case I needed to pay in cash.

Thankfully, Beh used his Uber card to pay my taxi first.

Anyway, till next time! Xie xie!

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