Highlights of 2016 in Pictures

Hey guys,

I wanted to do a travel video like the cool person I am but our computer are not in talking terms with the keyboard, so the plan failed 😭😭

So now, I'm just posting photos as below.

When I skipped my brother’s engagement for a much earlier planned friend’s wedding in KL
(😭😭😭😭 Yes I am a terrible sister)

So out of extreme guilt I helped did their engagement decoration 😭😭😭

And then eventually celebrated the Chinese New Year over a SLUMBER PARTY! 

Went for a high school reunion, look! Sisters!

Company outing with these guys

Sorry, I meant these guys ^

Read our trip here >>

Went to Bangkok with BFF for Stephie’s Bachelorette PARTAYYYYY 🎉
(Got conned, free unlimited alcohol in the process and lots of food court)

Read our adventures here (Shopping in Bangkok) 
Read our adventures here ("Temple Running" in Bangkok)

Continued the trip with my little girl, Jessy to Pattaya (They were FREE stays!) 💅💅

Read our free stay at Intercontinental Pattaya Resort >> 

Learned how to cook from the Thais yayyy

Read about our cooking class in Pattaya >>

Visited Italy, Venice (!!!) Everything I dreamed it to beeee 😍😍😍😍

Learned how to make Tiramisu, Pizzas and Carbonara from real Italians (omg can’t believe I’m saying this) And DRANK SO MUCH while I was at it

Ate way too much gelato^

Stayed in the countryside

Read about staying in countryside Venice via Airbnb >>

Ate the whole of Italy up. Okay fine, just Rome

Clearly at this point I don't care about anything else anymore ^

Read about my food adventures in Rome & Venice >>

Best friend Stephie got hitched, FINALLY

And the rest of the gang followed and partied in the kampong

*a moment of silence. It was also the day I found out about my uncle's passing. Loved him so much. I believe he's in a better place*

Took the best family photo EVER

Visited the family at Tenom (Missed them so much) 

Read about my Kampong trip >>

Became aunties!!

Visited Chee Hang and his beautiful Jane in Shanghai for their wedding.
Ate too many things, thanks to Chee Hang Love

And formed a comradeship *peace out

Company’s annual party, my 4th year 

Worked hard but partied harder

Picked up a hobby………… that pays

Best friend Swee Wei got married!!!!!!! Flew to KL for her special day of course
No long distance can stop me

Finally gone on that Vietnamese foodcation I’ve been dreaming!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Read about my Hanoi adventures, barely done >>

Celebrated my 2*th birthday (HAHA I just realised, I wore the same thing)
Don't care if it's a taboo (and mum's and sis' jokes of drawing portraits of me and disgust)

Night run (the only run in the year for us really 😜) + neon party with the little girl

Living between two cities ……. And two families ✈✈✈
(Idk wtf I'm doing with my finger, maybe it represented three of us siblings) 

Year End Family Gathering ……. Which got me REALLY sick.
Like high fever and nauseous sick, sick


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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