A day's out in Venice in Spring Summer

I have hundreds of photos of Venice but very few make it to daylight...............


Anyway, while I was updating my 2016 in pictures and seeing the photos of Venice reminded me of that lovely day out in town with Allesandro, our airbnb's owner's friend. Minus the fact that there were three of us ladies trailing him around, it would probably be a romantic walk for any for that matter. 

Venice in, spring / summer is so beautiful.... 😍😍

We went out sometime around 10am, a habit we cultivated over the years of appreciating what a good holiday meant. Some sleep in. It took us about 20 minutes from the countryside to reach town, and was then welcomed by the young kindred. 

He promised to bring us into the heart of Venice, into the alleys and cobblestones of this small but beautiful canal city. From the main piazza, to the hidden gems of old settlements. Which we did. To the canals, the ever so famous canals, to the esplanade off we went. With the singing gondolas or rather Italian radio (modern now) filling up the air. 

That day's weather was PERFECT. I mean look at it. 

Blue skies, sun out, fresh seas. Just enough breeze and sun, for hats and scarves. For gelatos, or ice creams. For wines or seafood. For skirts and shirts. 

I don't know who needs a cheese cake gelato, but now I do

After about an hour or so walk, we decided to have lunch in one of the small restaurants in the city. So tastefully done, so typical Italian in its ways. Allesandro ordered bolognese, while each of us tried different things separately. Fish, meat, pizza. 

This piece of meat of a 3 course lunch which I forgot what

How do people live in such a touristic city? I feel weird sitting in a restaurant people snapping everything away.. Including you as their subject matter in their pictures. 😒😒 I'll probably know soon, since KK is becoming one. 

We walked into galleries. And walked back out. 

We saw lots of masquerade shops. Had to buy one. Knowing me and my random choices in life. 

We went into the fresh market, and bought lots of prepacked risottos (because mum😂). I bought some fresh tomatoes and asparagus for dinner. I WAS SO HAPPY SHOPPING IN THE FRESH MARKET. I think it's the psychology of being in a holiday. Versus having to grocery shop when you're at home.......... Always rushing.  

Allesandro telling mum about their fresh produce yum

Stumbled upon a corner where all the painters would sit there for hours to paint on Venice ❤️❤️❤️ Some people are so talented. I just stared from behind. 

And then we ended the half day trip with a cruise ride back to where we started. The amount of mental pictures I took. Can't erase them from me, they're mine 😛😛😛

Nearby our stop was a supermarket, and I continued my search. We bought bacon, some butter. The meats in Italy are so awesome I'm just thinking of reasons to try them. Strip bacon, back, belly. Omg. 

By the time we were done for the day, it was already 4pm. Just in time for me to rest in, and start whipping out dinner. 

Except, sunset at that time was 9pm and we were wondering between to eat when hungry or dark 😂


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