Last full day in Japan - Universal Studios Osaka Japan!

I am motivated to continue my Japan posts - that finallll streeettch - Universal Studios Osaka Japan!

Remember my (more) love than hate relationship with Disneyland Tokyo Japan story? I talked about how it was the most magical place in the world IT ISSS but how billions of people almost crushed me to death (because I'm half of their height)? And also, the fact that none of the instructions at least the ones I saw (safety ones, no less) and guides were in English ..... they were all in Japanese...

Anyway, this time I'm sharing with you my experience in Universal Studios Osaka!


Theme parks make me feel like a guiltless kid, like I can do anything and get away with anything. And wait till you hear the Jurassic Park theme song welcoming you at the entrance T___________T

All the feels.

And then you start looking for areas to explore and you see more novelties that you know too well.. Like the Harry Potter franchise T______________T and Back to the Future T_____________T

So much Tss So much crying T___________T. Because that's exactly how I felt. I am always overwhelmed with so much emotions every, single, time I enter a WB/ Universal Studios or Disney theme parks.

Since we manage to get the tickets first hand (unlike Disney where we had to claw our way in as early as 5.30am) for Universal Studios, we reached there about 9am (we expected there were still so many people regardless that it was a weekday, compared to Disney it was on a weekend) and figured it would be a MUCH better experience.

Indeed it was!

The weather was perfect, no drizzles, it started bright and shiny actually, I was confident that I could try out all the themed areas in one day. So I started with the Snoopy area (Universal Wonderland), riding on the unicorn (I'm sorry, but I did say I was a child) and started queuing up for all sorts of silly things.


I booked tickets for some of the show, arranged different times to visit the different places. I really thought this time I came in more prepared.

And then... Hogwarts (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)!! They had a very systematic way of entering Hogwarts, limiting only a number of people to be in at one time. I remember we had to queue to take our card number and be notified of the time we could enter.

So if you've still got time, you can do other things. Some say systematic, some couldn't keep up with the time, they'd rather do other things - and then miss it. OH GOD. I shudder just at the thought of that.

If I could relive all the magical things about entering Hogwarts, exploring the whimsical shops, they sold wands, owls, scarves, the music, and BUTTERBEER. The number of days I've dream to relive that day... But the thing about moments is that they should be appreciated right there and then, because they slip away right in front of your eyes. They should be held close at every second. Like Ron Weasley's wand that would cost me RM 200.. I held it close to me, smelled it, and then eventually realised that my muggle dreams may still not come true with this wand after bringing it back home to Kota Kinabalu.

So I dove back to reality. Except, almost impossible. Because I was in Universal Studios!! COME ON. This reality is SO MUCH BETTER.

If eating a delicious massive turkey leg off of the Flinstone truck isn't in your to do list - then you need to reconsider your list. The amount of churros and absolutely random sweets I ate along the way .. were insane. No wonder I was high like a kite throughout the day.

Universal Studios Osaka had Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Water World, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

One of the happiest moment in my life, right in between the many things that I've seen, eaten and been was - sitting in a quiet, empty street of  the set of New York. That brief solitary moment I had basking in my luck of being able to experience "ALL THESE" and that, that gorgeous set I've seen and known so much of from TV or big screen.


I didn't manage to take a photo for you to see, phone died, and I must have saved a million of mental photos... but here's a photo from a blog I found (with source credited).

^Pic source from:

I'm in New York. The New York TV. Hi New York TV! 

It was many firsts for me. Like the scariest ride I've ever been on. I thought no ride would ever scare me.... but.

The Hollywood Ride at Hollywood changed that. The only harness that was holding my short and stumpy body was this tight and small choker right around my pelvic area. There was nothing in front of me, no blockade, I was basically hanging on a chair, with my legs springing out midair for 60 seconds in COLD, WINDY, EVENING.

And that loud, pop music blasting from the back of my seat gave me no time to clear my mind. It was so intense!!

I think I've lost 1/9 of my lives that night.

Everyone's got their way to enjoy their vacation, and theme parks are one of the many ways I do it. It is crowded, chaotic, messy and you may be disoriented. But it is every child's dream, or maybe the child in mine's dream. I wouldn't want it any other way :)

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