Back in KL

This Chinese New Year I came back to KL to catch a wedding I've RSVPed at least 6 months ahead (guilty conscience) and grabbed this chance to see the old team from Nuffnang. It's amazing how most have stuck through as friends, some turn best friends after all those years. The digital world has enabled us to keep in touch with each other, that even though we've been separated for so long, there are bits and pieces of our lives that we could still talked about.

But first, the setup I helped to put up for my brother's engagement. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend because it was the same weekend I was in KL. (yes, yes family first, maybe he should've told me earlier too gargh :[ )

Yuen doesn't like to admit this, but she's a very kind girl :p  Yuen was kind enough to offer to pick me up from airport to hotel. She's such a sweetheart, and I'm forever indebted to her.

This time around I stayed in the fancy Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.


Loved the stay SO much, It was so near to Nu Sentral and every other places basically, that I could either just walk to the stations, or Uber or cab my ways around without the trouble of hailing them for hours.

Don't even get me started on the bed...

It's like a whirl of quick sand that the moment you jump onto it.... you'd get sucked right into the white abyss of soft duvets and super fluffy pillows and you'd risk a chance of not being able to move at all cost after that...

It's so comfy T_T I could sleep all day T_T

My first agenda was to attend the wedding and meet the old team, which was on the noon of the following day.

Here's a very (very) rare selfie...

Because it was a Chinese New Year long weekend, I knew there was only one night that I could meet up with the best friends -- Saturday, and offered to host the slumber party back in the hotel. The whole crew said YES! So, right after dinner, we went to the grocery store like real classy ladies we are and bought ourselves three bottles :)

So we brought the party back to the hotel, and Audrey joined in later. Spilling ALL her dirty laundry like she would :p


What sorcery.

The next day, I was supposed to meet up with Mas but she cancelled on me because she was still in Terengganu :(  So I asked Wan, whether he would like to teman me for Banana Leaf and he said yes :)))) Wan and I go back when he was still working as a DP in KK when the rest of the gang would hang out all the time.


Swee Wei and Auds joined as well and the funniest thing happened.

We were having ice creams at Sangkaya and an Indian guy walked towards us (noticing Audrey's Batman tattoo at the back).

"I see you have a Batman tattoo?"  
"So, you like to see the DARK KNIGHT rising eh?" 
... .... .........

We could not continue our conversation after that.

Everyone was going back to their family for reunions, so I went back to the hotel and surrendered to the duvets until I got super hungry and decided to walk to Nu Sentral.

The next day, I  woke up late and spent the noon on my own. I was trying to look for a good eggs benedicts and Antipodean came up among the first - so I figured, okay!

Bangsar is a stone throw away, why not.

And was searching for a good place to unwind and charge my phone and found this place called Acme South Bangsar with a hipsterish al fresco area. 

The irony of me charging my phone in that place was that I left my charger there after that. 


I took the time to spend the afternoon on my own since it was the first day of Chinese New Year and everyone is at kampung but as I walked through the malls... it was so empty.... and so quiet.... I could hear myself breathing..... Upon reaching the hotel, sunset was on its way and I had a bottle left in the room......

I don't usually drink on my own, but what else is there to do?! 

It was good lounging around in a fancy expensive hotel room all on your own, most people don't have the time to do so! but I was lucky enough that I get to have some wine and a much-needed staycation after a streak of hard work the past few months too.

At night, we manage to gather again before my flight in the afternoon the next day. After a terrible, ill description of a place - we ended up in Jaya One.....

At Brussels.
And then to A&W Taman Jaya.
Because some of us wanted waffles, floats and curly fries at 12am :)

KL was/is the hub to the familiar reckless youth I once had (almost non existent now), the impromptu sessions, the late nights, the drinks, the gatherings we always splurge on, the priceless fellowships at random places and the young and volatile debates and arguments that would keep us stay through the nights. It was when I discovered that real friendships are multifaceted, multi layer of fun, sad, crazy, stressful, ridiculous, happy and hilarious all at once. A million of you guys have had helped me throughout my stay in KL, making sure I was welcomed and loved equally, hence why KL is very close to my heart. Thank you guys :)

Missing these bunch already, I know it may not look like it - but thank you for taking care of me!!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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