Petite Temple Suite Spa; Tropical pool, in-room massages and colourful breakfast

I was on overdrive from July to October, between the opening of the new restaurants, and volunteering in events, and the newfound passion with mum. There’s something going on every-day between these, family and friendships right up till October.

So this quarter, I decided to focus more on my first love, BLOGGING! 

This isn’t a travel blog, it just so happen that I feel most inspired to write after going to different places. This time, I want to share with you about my recent family trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I have never felt so … luxurious in any of my trips before, and this was that one that was. And we weren’t even spending money like water, it was just – that we had a good hotel, it was more laidback and relaxed. I am always so … “particular” about my budget when it comes to traveling, I’m not thrifty, I just like to make sure that what I’m buying is good value for money.

Before going to Siem Reap I spent my weekends trying to figure out “what kind of vacation this will be”. Siem Reap is voted as the no1 destination in the world in 2015 from Tripadvisor, and I’ve read numerous reviews and write-ups about Siem Reap to make my decision easier. And the fact that I had exerted myself the past few months – means it’s going to be ALL LEISURE.

Leisure starts with accommodation. 

I booked this place called the Petite Temple Suite that boasts really out of the world d├ęcor, free airport transfer with tuk tuk, tropical breakfasts, FREE massages for all three of us and a cozy tropical pool. The pool is lush with greens, situated right in the middle of all the rooms covered in trees and greens. Almost like swimming in a lake!

True enough it was SO gorgeous! We see lots of people complaining about the renovation next door, and some mentioned about the service but when we reached and actually stayed there we weren’t even moved a little by the renovation. Yes there were drilling noise, but it wasn’t heavy enough for us to the point we were woken up by the noise and distressed from it. But then again, different people, different reception of noise and when we left for Siem Reap, our house was STILL under renovation too. Maybe – we got immuned to it.

More photos. 

The bathroom was so mystical and elaborated it's like bathing in a cave/ temple....... which was pretty awesome actually. Couldn't complain, because really, when would I ever bathe in such an elaborated setting ever again....

BUT – if you’re still wondering, the people who’ve just recently stayed there spoke of all good things on Tripadvisor too, so – I must not be alone in not minding the renovation ☺

I have had lots of massages in exotic places before, but none that serves it in your room …… maybe I haven’t travelled enough. But best part is, Petite Temple Suite DOES! Like it’s actually in the package. Mum isn’t keen about getting massaged… just the idea of people groping her whole body (FINE BY ME) freaks her out a little so I manage to convince her to just get her legs’ muscles loosen up after the temple running.

HELLO! Thank you ladies! 

Thank you for spending a good 15 minutes on my arse!!

My sister and I loved these bathrobes they have in these rooms that we would sleep and walk in and out in it. SO comfortable. We really felt like a million bucks HAHA. #simplethings

What I really love about staying in private elaborated villas like Petite and those that remind me of Bali is the BREAKFAST. It’s really just as simple as eggs, and toast and lots of colourful fruits but there’s something about a plated one person colourful breakfast served to you that is so… cute and local.

And guess what we did right after checking in at 9am? 




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