Older, but better holidays

Writing this post in a small room of this Younique Hotel at my layover from Siem Reap before I fly really early in the morning tomorrow to Bali for work.

I've had a really good time with the two ladies, now it's back to the grind.

I wanted this vacation for the longest time because of the streak I had since ... July probably. Haven't had a proper breather from anything since then. It's good to go off the grid once in a while and get lost in translation, food, culture and anything in between. I admit I used to be so hard on myself when it comes to traveling/ vacation; like I MUST try all, follow the itinerary, meet new people, get uncomfortable, must see underground new things, take cool photos.

Whoever invented these rules?

Now I realized, the most important thing about going away, is to actually do things that make you happy. I started listing down a few things that I cannot miss, and followed my body. I made sure my health is taken care too, and embracing every misadventures and unplanned events as lessons. Most importantly, I tried  to listen to myself and follow my instinct as oppose to listening to what people told me about what I'd not known.

After-all, it's a holiday. 

Like every other destination I've been in, I loved Siem Reap. And staying in a small private room/ villa with our own balcony was really something I never thought I'd wanted, but eventually does. The defining decision between one place and another was the pool - sweet sweet pool after the temple running.

What Siem Reap's streets made me realize even more was how lucky I am to have a job, income, or any sort of providence. I wouldn't say I took it for granted, but I was very stressed before going onto this trip that I had forgotten how good of a stress it was. That I was blessed to have a good income to support me.

Temple running, tuk tuk, socially responsible activities and food - more posts about Siem Reap coming up. (It's not like I'm done with Japan either).


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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