Cooking class @ Silom Thai Cooking School

Deciding what to do as a group activity in Bangkok is not easy, but neither is it difficult either. My friends and I are so different in personality, so different in background and history, that to connect everyone with one common thing is almost impossible.

But if there is one thing we can quite agree on is .. FOOD. I mean, who doesn't love food?!

So I decided to enroll us in a cooking class!!

Since we were to stay in Le Meridien Bangkok along Bangrak road, I Googled cooking classes nearby and found Silom Thai Cooking School. After checking the reviews online, I was SUPER convinced that this will be a super activity for EVERYONE!

My initial reservation was to do it during lunch, but some reservations were mixed up and we ended up doing it for dinner. WHICH WAS A MUCH BETTER CHOICE!

We had to skip the market tour (breakfast and lunch have market tours, and 100 BAHT more expensive) and proceed with the cooking class - which was no big deal, because by evening we were all BEAT.


Ms Kiki had us rolling on the floor laughing out loud since the minute she spoke. It was super crazy. I never thought a cooking class can be that fun and I love how everything was so visual and pretty, as it should! Everything was so colourful. We were paired with a young couple from Hong Kong and Korea who also did not escaped from Kiki's teases ^_^

We learned 5 main dishes (since this is our first - well Yuen's second) : 1) Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp Tom Yum) 2) Green Curry Chicken 3) Pad Thai 4) Minced Chicken Salad 5) Mango Sticky Rice 

We were hands on in most of the dishes and the ingredients ourselves, like Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry Chicken and Pad Thai - where we prepared, cut our ingredients and cook them. Meanwhile for chicken salad and mango sticky rice we assisted Kiki with stomping, cutting and preparations only.

I used to love Thai Food, NOW I FREAKING LOVE THEM! Now that I know they use so little oil, with fresh ingredients and ala minute way of cooking it - I love Thai food even more.

Opt for a cooking class next time!

 ^My preparation plate 

^My Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai 

^ Chef Swee Wei :*

 ^Chef Kerry 

 ^Yuen on good days

^We kinda didn't make this la. We're just too happy we got to eat it after a millionth time. 
Okay I was.

^Looking vogue when we were actually sweating like waterfall.

Shopping and partying were so good, but this has got to be the highlight of our trip! :)

Silom Thai Cooking School : 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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