Balinese Designs

"Balinese feel" 
"Bali inspired designs" 

I never took these words seriously until I was actually on holiday in Bali last year.


Seriously - from its carefully designed layout, to its intricately decorated interior to its perfectly manicured elements to its calming and relaxing gardens inspired - Bali has secret alleys and spaces and homes that are always SO captivating. That for a fact you WOULD get lost in that space.

It's the Bali pull.

Here are some of my favourite Balinese / Bali inspired designs I snapped while I was in Bali:

^Beautifully designed / curated rocks are prevalent in Bali 

^Long hallways - seem so at peace 

^Open garden concept balcony. Instead of a terrace, you're welcomed by greens 

^Bali is so huge on patios and they do them so effortlessly 

^Try open air bath tub after a good oil massage surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees 

^The famous Ibu Oka welcome.

Isn't Bali beautiful?! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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