My Travel Must Haves

My upcoming leisure trip to Singapore is going to be a short one.

It's going to be SO short, that my money might just not be all spent after all. HEE. The trip was meant for Laneway Festival but after calculating all the costs involved, I decided not to go to the festival and save for... the bigger trip next month. And because I'm a sucker for traveling - I decided to just go ahead with the flights bought and stay with Auds instead.

Because I travel quite often, both for work and leisure, I was wondering what made me so quick on my toes and my bags whenever I am asked to go somewhere or when I'm heading out somewhere. Because most of the time, these travel must have are prepacked in my bag!

I took the liberty (as also by request) to share with you what are my must haves when I'm on the road;

1) Travel Kit: Toothbrush and Toothpaste 
If there is one thing I particularly spend most of my shower time is, it's on brushing my teeth! Seriously! I would usually spend about 5 minutes or so just brushing all the corners of my mouth. And when I'm traveling this is prepacked and placed right at the sides of my bagpack - all ready. Also, when I'm in a sticky situation of having to stay overnight in the airport (without showering) for a quick transit, brushing my teeth is a quick pick me up from feeling blergh :)

2) Scarves 
It works as a multipurpose throw for me. It's my blanket when I'm on the cold plane, it's my mat when I'm on a grass donning a picnic with friends and families, it's my head scarf when I'm in a tourist area that requires me to, and of course, it adds to some colors onto my super boring clothes. It works as my security blanket almost all the time. Love them scarves!

3) Earphones 
This should be self-explanatory! All of us are guilty of wanting a quiet (the irony) alone time while traveling at times, and the easiest way to go by so is by plugging into our own world of music, news, videos etc. In comparison to a book, there is (almost) no active thinking no scrutinizing involved when it comes to listening to music or watching videos - it's such a passive pass time, I'm sure it's everyone's favorite.

4) A Book 
I am renown in my family for being the book nerd. I grew up with a lot of books (Enid Blyton, RL Stine, nowadays Mitch Albom) around me and I always have a book up to my nose. There were so many times - when I'm completely alone hiding by the corner of the airports during my alone time - I indulge in a few pages of my favorite book to catch up on my favorite past time. Otherwise, the in flight magazines are the first things I grab out even before settling down. Minus the airports, a good read is delightful when you're passing the time alone in the room or on the bus too en route to your destination.

5) Earrings 
Earrings, or at least one pair of them is my must have when I'm traveling because it is the quickest way for a get-up to a "nice place"! Usually a pair of pearl earrings already brought from  home, all I needed to do was to clean myself up and I'm ready for a good time. Sometimes, even makeups are secondary for me :p

What's yours? 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Diana Diane Teo said…
I also always bring along my scarves cause my mom asked me to. Hahaha. Well, scarves are very useful actually to cover me during hot weather as well during cold and raining time.

The other things I will bring along while travelling would be sunglasses, notebook/laptop, 2-in-1 pillow cum blanket and mini hairdryer.
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Mini hair dryer? I never thought of that, but now I do! :D Thank you Diane!

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