Cost of self-planned 9 Days 8 Nights to Paris - Amsterdam - Istanbul

After the FunnyMalaysia article circulated around and went viral on my newsfeed, I was inspired to calculate my own Nine Days Eight Nights self-planned Paris - Amsterdam - Istanbul trip and log down how much exactly it cost me here.

I love the fact that some of us are really exemplary when it comes to budget traveling and are still able to enjoy every little thing during their trip. Which goes to show that really, you could go wherever you want so long as you plan it carefully and with a bit of a discipline, IT CAN HAPPEN! (without breaking your bank).

First of all, you must register into yourself that a euro trip (anywhere for that matter) is not impossible and is not as far as you thought. 

Mum infront of Rijksmuseum. I LOVE THIS ART MUSEUM! 

But first, I must admit Credit Card (only because most websites recognise Credit Cards versus Debit card) plays a vital role in all of these self-planning. I also want to bust the myth that if you plan WAY ahead through fairs or even book WAY ahead, it doesn't mean it's always cheaper. We booked our flights less than two months from our travel date.

Our itinerary was as below, I have decided to list down exactly how much my flight, my accommodation (which hotel I stayed at), the major transportation connectivity (from Paris to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Istanbul) and transportation within the city cost me. We were bargaining between Qatar Airways and Malaysia Airlines for our return flights because we have decided to head to Paris first (London was initially on the plan, but it might take us too long) and once the destinations were decided, planning became a LOT easier.

For whatever reason, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Paris was SO MUCH cheaper compared to flying to other parts of Europe! Unless your jumping off point is Singapore (you’re working there/ you’re there) – there is no point for you to use other airlines which require you to go to Singapore first and then to your European destination because both Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways flight from KL are already affordable. Much affordable!

Below is the cost of our return trip, all cost is for per person:

1) Malaysian Airlines Return flight KL – Paris and Istanbul – KL: MYR 3666 (paid with credit card).
2) Accommodation in Paris for Two (2) nights King Bed (without breakfast, paid with credit card):
= MYR 921.41total / MYR 460.70 per person

3) Accommodation in Amsterdam for Three (3) nights King Bed (without breakfast, paid with credit card):
= MYR 1115.50 / MYR 557.75 per person

4) Accommodation in Istanbul for Three nights King Bed (with breakfast, paid with cash):
= MYR 686.19 / MYR 343.095 per person

Mum had difficulty walking around everywhere so we’ve decided to do a hop on hop off Tourist All
Day Bus throughout most of our stays and including a one day country side trip in Amsterdam.  By
doing this, you will get your Tourist Attractions list covered easily in a day or two. You can choose
between a day pass or two days pass depending on how long your stay is. Mum and I were only
in each city for at maximum 3 days and with her knee problem this really was the perfect option! 


  • Although I believe trains and buses might be SO MUCH CHEAPER!
  • And always try to look out for hostels/ accommodation with breakfasts! Keeping yourself filled early in the morning distracts you from splurging on your lunch!  
  • I didn't use AIRBNB on my Eurotrip because some were more expensive, but I think you could find some really good spots if you look carefully. I did it in Sri Lanka and saved at least 50%.

For transportation within city (this is run by the same company called Big Bus Tours) inclusive of the countryside tour and Bosphorus cruise:
5) In Paris we did the One Day Bus Trip that cost us: MYR 145.56 per person
6) In Amsterdam we did the Two Days Bus Trip + One Full day at Country Side trip:
MYR 333.31
7) In Istanbul we did the One Day Bus Trip: MYR 166.65
8) In Istanbul we did a private fancy Bosphorus Cruise Dinner: MYR 208.32

We had to travel to Amsterdam from Paris via Train and flight to Istanbul so it cost us below:

9) Train Ride from Paris – Amsterdam via NHISPEED: MYR 180.00 per person
10) Flight from Amsterdam – Istanbul via MYR 873.33 / MYR 436.65 per person

So to cut things short, all in all, the conclusive total of cost on flights, accommodation, transportation to different cities, transportation within cities and two big tours (minus food, drinks and shopping which probably cost us no more than MYR 1000) for nine days, eight nights is only:

MYR 6498.035!

So plan your Euro trip now before everything gets really expensive! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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