6 Days Ago

It's been five days since I've loaded newsfeed of any kind. Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram.

6 Days ago we were shocked with yet another airplane tragedy. And in all honesty, the recurrence and the violence of it all made it a far more heartbreaking news to digest, yet alone understand - after the news, I had an indescribable magnitude of disappointment on weapons and war between nations buzzing me like a circle around me following me all day and haunting me in all of my daily tasks. I was overwhelmed.

I was greatly disappointed in a lot of bigger things in the world. So great that it took all the words from my being that I just, didn't know how to express anything about it.. Nothing could come out from me.
Added on by people's own rendition, interpretation, theories, stories, sensationalism, comments  about the event - I didn't want to continue to be drowned by it.

6 days ago, I decided I'm going to take my time to recover from the shock, to withhold the questions I have for God, the loss, as well, as wanting to be that one person to give the time and respect for the families and loved ones involved in this loss and confusion.

That said, I am preparing for another trip I reckon just in time to debunk whatever fears slowly creeping in. I hope you could pray for my safety xx

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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