Quick Updates

It's that round of updates again.

I'll start off with FMFA. I was meant to go to FMFA for the weekend, but the event got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. So we skidded to an ice cream parlour to catch up over the remaining time I had left over there.

And then there's Chris' farewell.

I rarely talk about this dude because he just seems like a permanent parcel in my life like.. the box of stationeries on my table desk, or like my mum (cripes), it always seems like he's always there (in my case literally) because we hang out ALL the time so when he finally he decided to embark on the next journey back home -- it seems surreal that he's finally leaving all of us.

I think it's been 3 years since we've met, and we always seem to have great discussion discussing about earth, the heaven and everything in between. And also 3 years since #yolo. Dude, we will always be here. I don't know about the rest, but I'm practically planted here in KK. Pic courtesy of Angel.

And then there's the short trip that my friends and I took over the last week of March to Labuan (we love to go Labuan because that place is duty free - so we go crazy on the alcohol there). It was so good to spend some quality time with the best friends. I couldn't have asked for a better way to catch up with them. Meeting up with Ingrid is always golden because she's not around often :)))

And that meant I stocked up on my wines. Nyehehehehe.

The erratic lovely couple.

Where I became the driver who often got lost.

I had to post this photo because everyone is here! We had a gala dinner for all the hotels in Sabah (we've got such great ties with each other it's crazy) and everyone looked perfect! Pic courtesty of David Aramaitii 

When the guys at Glory Studio told us that we could take so much more because there were plenty more available, Nevi and I went crazy.

Totally had no clue that they were going to put up the photos on their Facebook Page -________-" That was a bit embarrassing. But oh well. 

Okay that was a quick wrap up.

I've been very busy with my apartment recently. The place is booked up almost everyday, and since I had no one to help me in my bookings, checking in and even cleaning the place - I had to do everything MYSELF.

There are times when I'm completely exhausted by all the odd jobs that I'm doing but everytime I meet my guests and talk to them about Malaysia/ Sabah / Kota Kinabalu - everything is compensated.

Everytime I attend the events that I'm suppose to cover I get super tired BEFORE attending it (is that even possible) but everytime I do and meet up with these great people - everything is compensated.

Life is good. I'm packing for a two weeks trip. I will keep you posted :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ann marie nic said…
thank you kie for the labuan pics! love the erratic couple too :)

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