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Penang - Of Food and Street Art

Went to Penang a couple of weeks back for work, and decided to bring mum along for the weekend. We weren't exactly sure what really to do in Penang, besides the obvious food and the street arts so we basically did only that two since we only had 2 days to play around with only as well.

Among things that we walked around. We dropped by Hard Rock Cafe (since we don't have one in Kota Kinabalu).

The cutest thing and the main reason why I wanted to bring mum was simply because she said "it's been too long since she went to Penang." And true enough, Penang has grown so rapidly, that mum gawking at every sight of SUPER TALL BUILDINGS that come by every few seconds.

The thing about the Kota Kinabalu city in comparison to some cities is that it's right smack next to the air runway, so we are not allowed to have buildings taller than 11 storeys. So imagine our fascination when we see crazy high buildings like in, uhm, Penang. Right next to the beaches some more -- w…

A week of a lot of things

Hi everyone, 
How are you? 
I've been crazy busy. I was away in Penang for work a couple of weeks back, and when I came back the whole fiasco of MH 370 took place, and when I was jet setting back to KL for the Future Music Festival, we found out a few youngsters have actually lost their lives due to drug abuse during the festival. 
I don't know about the hard reality of drug abuses here in Malaysia, but this shit scares me. 
I've decided to take a bit of my rest time at night to write a small note in hope that you don't abuse yourself with a self inflict pain like taking drugs because these substances are short term and they will not be there for you through thick and thin. If you have gone in, you can always turn back. Living high on life is a million times better than living high on something you have no control of. Especially on something you don't understand. 
Please don't kill yourself. You have yet travel the world. You have yet to experience other awesome thi…