A week of a lot of things

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I've been crazy busy. I was away in Penang for work a couple of weeks back, and when I came back the whole fiasco of MH 370 took place, and when I was jet setting back to KL for the Future Music Festival, we found out a few youngsters have actually lost their lives due to drug abuse during the festival. 

I don't know about the hard reality of drug abuses here in Malaysia, but this shit scares me. 

I've decided to take a bit of my rest time at night to write a small note in hope that you don't abuse yourself with a self inflict pain like taking drugs because these substances are short term and they will not be there for you through thick and thin. If you have gone in, you can always turn back. Living high on life is a million times better than living high on something you have no control of. Especially on something you don't understand. 

Please don't kill yourself. You have yet travel the world. You have yet to experience other awesome things in life, you are too young folks. 

As for MH 370, sigh. Where do I begin. 

A good friend's friend is in the flight so whenever he reaches out to me asking what could possibly be the reason why them of all the people, I feel helpless. So as a good friend, I keep his heart close to mine, and pray to God that someday he will make them understand - why their loved ones. 

Guys, we can plan so much in life, but at the end of the day we are short sighted human beings. The things we can control, we should take over the things, the things we fall short of, let's just ask for mercy. 

Take care everyone, hold yourself close and your loved ones closer.



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