Oktoberfest at Shamrock, KK Waterfront

I have been just terribly busy with my new apartment. Busy and broke more like. Stretching out my dollars just to make it a great place to live. Actually, I plan to rent it out. But I'm putting so much of work and money into it because I put the idea in my head that this is going to be my storehouse for my coming landed house that I'm going to eventually build for a family!

Social life is down the hill too because I've been locking myself inside the house to avoid spending so much after work, but really, nothing like the idea of drinks and friends like Oktoberfest could repel me :)

Kim was coming with a bunch of friends so naturally we would invite Chris as well. I was told that there would be games, drinks, singing and dancing, the usual -- and I was so glad that I met Danny, and Eddie there whom were the first few people I've known when I first came to KK through work. Great catchup!

I was really notorious to Chris though (as usual), pushing him to join all the competitions to win for us just because he's white. So he had participated in the chicken dance (but of course) and other competitions as well, but I think he kept all the prizes to himself......  Kim doesn't usually drink but that night she was drinking stout like water o.O We were on the lookout for Kim, because she had been calling out the balloons "umbrellas" after that......... o.O Love them both with all of my heart.

Some of the pictures from the night :)

Till next year! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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