Not me. Well at least not yet. 

One of my oldest friend, of 19 years now and definitely counting, is beautifully and rightfully engaged (she probably has no idea I'm doing a post for/ of her haha). These photos are her's as well :)

Michelle and I have known each other since we were probably six years old. Met her in Sunday School, and I wasn't sure how we clicked, but we did. Next thing you know we would spend our Sundays with each other, seating side by side, talking about Moses and friends and other commandments we should be memorizing, come to think about it, its probably the cutest memory I have of us.

The ever so beautiful Michelle. 

But most of all, deep down I am sure she is the happiest she has been. I could be wrong, but I think the sparkles in her eyes tell so much, and the most important thing is that it tells me that she is the happiest with the best person she could be with, Mathew - that kind and funny soul he is. And that's all that matters isn't it. It will open windows of enlightenment, clear minds and happiness will lead you to the best decisions in life.

The evergreens.

by Ingrid - wolfpack leader

Now that she's locked down and embarking on another journey of life, I don't think I have enough money or gifts to give her, I am only armed with prayers and blessings and a promise that I will always be there.

All the best love! We are here for you!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Michelle Tann said…
I just happened to be free right now and decided to read your blog after such a long time...and I saw this.. haha. Thanks Jacqkie. This is really sweet. I am all smiles =D

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