Camping at Kaiduan, Papar

The gang and I have always wanted to go camping since, last year. Morris and I especially have been bugging and pushing everyone to make it happen, but for the strangest reason we can never seem to. 

Thankfully, it finally happened last weekend! Kim was in town, and she suggested to camp at her dad's place so we were really excited for the whole thing. Updated: Unfortunately, I fell sick the entire week after. I had no idea what happened, but I was so weak it wasn't funny :(

We're lucky enough that Kaiduan (Kim's place) is less than an hour way from the city, so even if we left the city at 1pm on a Saturday, we would still have ample of time to waste when we reach there. WHICH WE DID. 

Reached there almost 3pm I think, and we decided to get acquainted with the place immediately. There was five of us, Morris, Wan, Kim, Melissa and Me. Melissa wasn't feeling the best so she had a nap while the rest of us decided to hike a little. 

Kaiduan is so beautiful. It is experiencing a little bit of issue now because the government wants to create a dam out of it, but a dam means almost a wipe out; loss of lands and lands to stay or even destroying the locals' sources of income. The project has received numerous of critics and protests since it's announcement, and now has been put on hold.

Playing skipping rocks. You know those outdoorsy camping game. Haha. 

This was a majestic view from the hanging bridge we climbed over. It was so much fun, and the bridge was probably the sturdiest I've ever been on.

Our miserable attempt at lighting up a bond. It probably lasted a good one hour. We had twigs and little bit of logs, but I don't think we had the concept right really.

This was actually my view from my tent when I wake up in the morning ngehehe.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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