Was lucky enough to be able to catch Freedom Film Festival in KK yesterday. Stirred even more questions in my head. Before this, everytime I talk to mum about the things that we as young Malaysians are beginning to question about, her eyes would curve, wrinkled at my endless open-end questions, showing signs of... I don't know. Guilt maybe? Not quite sure whether I should start off this way, but mum was/is living in a generation (or was/is the generation) where majority were, easily "contented". There I said it.

And the truth of the matter was, most of our parents, were somehow always easily "content". They weren't critically thinking enough, they weren't or majority of them at least weren't vigorously asking, or maybe even when they were, the idea of splurging them back over with bonuses and the built of  infrastructures that were right in front of their face have changed their spoken-instincts back into feel food contention. And back then, or maybe still even now especially for rural areas, contention was all that was ever needed. 

They didn't need to know how things were ran. They just wanted to be taken care of. They didn't need to know how much A was getting and why, or how much B was getting and why, they just needed to know that yes they are getting some shares of the pie but why they're getting that exactly was never an issue.

But you see, there must be a development in "sharing". It should grow as much as the economy and growing must be justifiable over time. Say "sharing" increases over time (over 20 years) what A and B is getting should increase as well. 

With so many youngsters including myself sprouting out asking questions on how does one system work, and how does one system can improve and by scrutinizing the systems they shouldn't be perceived as bad - I mean look at them as an audit, and audits are supposed to help out clear out the mess and get things right. 

And a governance is the most serious matter. You are basically entrusting with and giving someone almost complete power to watch you over. You are the one that will be choosing the people who you want to govern you or run your lives.

And my mum's generation, was just probably content with what was given at the right time and the right place. Curiosity probably never even crossed their mind, or crossed their actions. It just stopped at contention.

It feels like, there is a lot of sense of loyalty and "gratitude" bottled up in them. Not saying this particular governance is bad, and not saying the other side's grass is greener, we just needed to develop critical thinking. While it is probably forgiven for mum's generation, it will not be for ours. With the advent of so many other platforms of information and alternative resources, we cannot be less than informed. So let's ask ourselves;

Why are we getting this much, when by right as a resourced state we should be getting this much? 
Why are doing what we're doing? 
Why are they doing what they're doing? 

I hope everyone continues to ask questions and be interested in things bigger than themselves, or their family. Think for the greater good, and let's work our way for a better Malaysia :) 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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