Mamutik on Sunday

Went to Mamutik with my sister on Sunday. It's my second time in the island and I love Mamutik so much. Although there were a few things that bothered me a little bit. The fact that THE FISHES BITE! Wah, I nearly died of shock man. At first I felt a slight nibble, and then, it started nibbling me again (like little pinches) and then they still bit me again. Kind of traumatized but apparently, my brother said it's common here in Mamutik -___________-" 

Other than that, it's really clean, a lot of fishies, and there are some secluded areas perfect for those who want to just lay down, suntan and play with friends which I find are still a steal. 

Later in the day, Angel came along with her two Nepali friends, Yusik and Puskal who are Gurkha Soldiers. They're like the most adorable boys ever. Real sweethearts and gentlemen. 

Angel and Puskal loading their waterguns.

Intimidated Angel. I mean these boys ARE soldiers -_-

We brought beachballs, snorkeling gears, waterguns (because the rock corals in Mamutik can be brutal they even got the flippers) -______________- 

Me and the birthday lady :) Wow, I'm really tanned.

We continued the night with them, while I had dinner with my family, Angel took her time to have dinner with the boys. These boys are Gurkha Soldiers located in Brunei, I can assume they're well off that way cause they offered paying everything for us. While being independent and saying no to their offers would be appropriate, their kind thoughts were really all that matter and we tried so hard to go dutch but they always seem to find their way to treat us back. 

Yusik Love

They've travelled everywhere! Partly because of their job too. Sometimes, they're told to pack their bags and leave to Europe then and there. Other times, they're told to jump into a war or wherever Gurkha Soldiers are needed then and there, and sometimes they would say things like "We lost a couple of men in that war, some are my friends...". Like, it was just another day for them :(

Puskal Sweetie
From what I noticed they really travel luxuriously too. They would get real good food for themselves, they would dress up to the nines, get techy gadgets, drink, be merry and just living the hedonism life. I mean, come to think about it, why shouldn't they right -- things are really unpredictable for them, things change in a minute.

Great people, great company. 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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