Ah decisions

The guy up there can never seem to package all things good, bundle it all and put a bow on it just for once can't he. There's almost nothing in life that comes together that will fit perfectly for you.

There must be some sort of misfit - your wishes, your wants, and your needs clashing, hitting hard at each other, nudging you by the second making you wonder what is the compromise between what is good for your soul, and what exactly do you really want.

Is it the pursuit of the temporary luxury, with the time for yourself at expense? Or the mediocrity, simple happiness but you may be living with the ever lasting what if questions.

People assume that most of us forget or do not want to chase our dreams. Sometimes, we just work hard all arounds all our ways to realize them, longer.

Should we fulfil little ones along the way (me travelling whenever I can), or put all the eggs in one basket and work hard to realise all of it next time (finally flying somewhere for a really long time) to travel the world?

Ah decisions.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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