Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge @ The Palace of the Golden Horses

Being in this industry, you'd get invited to all sorts of events and parties. Alcohol-related events being one of them. The office gets the invite for it all the time, so if my time and that event's time permits I usually don't hesitate in saying yes;cause it's like a free hangout and almost all my close friends like casual drinking so what I'd do is that I'd invite them to meet up with me! :)

This time's lucky invite goes to, Daren :) It was at The Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines. Huge crowd lining up to get in, the people right before us didn't manage to get in though - due to some registration complication. And we got ourselves a Johnnie Walker brooch! :) Nice.

Thank you classy;

Didn't wear anything fancy that night, just put on something from the wardrobe.
SimonSeow and me.

Went to the lounge party with Angie and KohBeng. The premier taxi initially conned Angie, so we had to call another cab for it. That whole calling and waiting on the line thing took us nearly an hour to actually grab hold a cab. Then we told ourselves, 'let's make the wait worth it!!!'.
Well, we kinda did la..

JW is an awesome black label. Tastes good with anything, and almost a classy gulp when you're in a party too. Glad I brought DarenBaby cause we had a really good time that night :)

Check out the massive crowd before the entrance!

Thanks JW, but your chocolates stole my heart!!! They were tha bomb. I was looking for the girl serving the chocolates throughout the night!

'Till next Black Circuit Lounge!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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