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Because I'm one of those who tries really hard to avoid Valentines

I do, I really do. I hate that a lot of the stuff are doubled the usual price. I hate that the restaurants have this menu called 'The Love Menu'. I hate that suddenly all charity organisations jump into the bandwagon of charging flowers triple or quadruple the normal price. I hate that suddenly all the singles get all defensive, when I ask daily things after work like, "so what's the plan" - they get all niggah on me and say OH LIKE THAT NOWLAH.
Until, I see Daren all groomed up, with his long jeans, and a white Padini Shirt and in his stylish new Cotton On shoes, and to a place to bring me to (apparently just cause it's a Monday) and well to avoid at all cause that if I ever do, get all retarded and gloomy that he didn't do anything for me during "Valentines". When by his nature, maybe even when he's sleeping - he lives in just random short pants, a simple tee and a pair of faded slippery flip flops.
You know, the best part about him being …

The importance of education

When dad passed on when I was 10, I remembered being so fearful of a lot of things in my life. About mum, about brother who at that time was having a really tough time accepting his passing on, about sister who was still such a baby then, about house – on who's going to take care of us, about having a male figure to protect us, and most importantly about being financially stable and for the three of us to be able to carry on with studies for the rest of our lives.We were blessed, that late dad had money in all sorts of savings, and ways. As a librarian, mum has always upholded the importance of reading. Just reading for that matter, it doesn’t matter whether we’d be picking up something that is probably ancient years old, from today’s paper, anything from the TV to basically to just being able to absorb information from anything that we read online or offline. Good or bad. As a result, our house has stacks of books lying everywhere, racks of books, encyclopedias, the list just goe…

Laneway Festival at Singapore 2011


For some strange reason, the photos no longer appear on this post. I am uncertain what has happened to them, but I reckon it's a Blogger issue. For photos of this beautiful island, please check out my photos on FacebookHERE

Dear friends, If you’re a massive indie music fan like me, and love free-spirited concerts; and if you had to choose to go to just one concert in a year (if you really have to). Laneway Festival is where your money should be at. The deets: January 29, Saturday at Fort Canning Park. Four simple reasons why: 1. It cost around 100SGD, about RM200 for a 10 hours concert. See that’s about RM20 for a set (up to 30 – 45 minutes depending on songs and solo pieces) when a one piece concert would usually have a set of just 45minutes, an hour tops (including intervals) to cost equally that much. If you really think about it, that’s a conjob. 2. It’s a bloody festival. That means eating fries and gulping down beers at 3PM on a Saturday while…