Because I'm one of those who tries really hard to avoid Valentines

I do, I really do. I hate that a lot of the stuff are doubled the usual price. I hate that the restaurants have this menu called 'The Love Menu'. I hate that suddenly all charity organisations jump into the bandwagon of charging flowers triple or quadruple the normal price. I hate that suddenly all the singles get all defensive, when I ask daily things after work like, "so what's the plan" - they get all niggah on me and say OH LIKE THAT NOWLAH.

Until, I see Daren all groomed up, with his long jeans, and a white Padini Shirt and in his stylish new Cotton On shoes, and to a place to bring me to (apparently just cause it's a Monday) and well to avoid at all cause that if I ever do, get all retarded and gloomy that he didn't do anything for me during "Valentines". When by his nature, maybe even when he's sleeping - he lives in just random short pants, a simple tee and a pair of faded slippery flip flops.

You know, the best part about him being my best friend is that he puts up a lot of effort when it comes to me. He even got the RM 10 of a freaking stalk of a rose for me -____________________- You should've seen how hard I tried to say no, and that damn salesman had to say "Girls would never ask wan, they usually expects guys to WANT to buy for them wannnnn".

With what all the bitterness in me regarding this classic most manipulative marketing gimmick, I find softness in all his efforts. I find tenderness in his intentions. That the only reason one tries really hard to make another person happy is because... it simply makes them genuinely happy too.

Thank you :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Tim said…
Awwww :)
neTToboy said…
sweet sweet =p

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