TM Everyone Connects Viewing Parties!

Chelsea vs Manchester United? Cause I’m sure my boyfriend will head down to this, so someone gotta teman him for me while I do other stuff :P

That poor boy was awake about 4am yesterday to watch the match between Arsenal and ManU and head straight down to work. Who’s all for it and doesn’t mind having blue black eyes for

And like watching movies underneath the starlight, this is like watching your favourite players battling it out, with your friends of course bundled together. TM Everyone Connects has been quite a hit among the Man Utd fans nowadays, like how they recently sponsored the TM Everyone Connects anniversary that I went recently as well. This viewing session is also the largest live viewing party with the largest TV Screen in South East Asia. So football fans you don’t want to miss screaming profanities (not that I condone) and become football managers (like you always do behind the screen) when rooting for your team. All these with the rest of the fans and get yourself some Man Utd merchandise in the Fan Zone Seats when you sign up for any TM products or services. Okay. This sounds like a big concert only a parade of football fans.

I can actually foresee this to happen frequently in the near future. Like a blotch of people actually wearing all reds, and start colouring their faces with blue white paints. Check out all the listings of the shows and where they're showing HERE!

So who wants to come? You can get more information from their official Facebook Page. Like it, and you should be getting tons of other TM Everyone Connects events deets from then onwards. It's pretty awesome.

Love and peace,

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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