Halloween 2010 @ Ascott Apartment

Firstly, thank you for coming to the Ascott’s Halloween Party 2010 – it was crazy awesome. Secondly, I would like to credit Chung Wei and Yuen for the photos :)

Thank you to those who are good sports and making this year’s an awesome one, memorable too I hope. *wink

Unlike last year’s, I knew what I wanted to come as 2 months before the party. I was THAT excited. See the thing about being the organizer is that your costume has to be memorable. It doesn’t have to have the most effort put on, it just has to be a little bit more extravaganza than the rest.

So this year, no matter how of a fat blob I thought I will look like I wanted to become ;

When you’re working, it’s almost impossible to find the time to find the right outfit to be able to piece all of them together. It was either these 3 :

1. Lady Statue of Liberty

2. Wonderwoman - winner

3. Princess Fiona Shrek

Party started around 9PM when Sara Khoo, Linda Khoo and Chung Wei started pouring in.

Here’s Ricky – one of the nominee for best dressed that night. Bravo to the nipples stick ons.

I just gobbled down some KFC, and mind you KFC was possibly the best decision I’ve ever made that night. Because 4/4 people I knew who didn’t had dinner that night had either (by the end of the night) face floor down or was just gone for toilet visits every now and then. Gunking. Lesson learned everyone?

You know what I really love the most about random parties like these? Allowing people to meet new people. In most occasions, meeting new people around your age or when you feel least obliged (think networking events) to do so is WHEN socialising is most effective.

There were even people who knew each other even before the party. I am glad.

Ben – Grim Reaper / Scream Guy

Almost a must in a Halloween Party.

Of all the photos, I love action candid photos the most, this being one of them, it gives me this pleasure knowing that everyone was mingling;

The Superheroes of the night ; King, Audrey and Chung Wei.

Spidey Ash who was the main host of the party, who not only turned out to be an aggressive drunk, completely had memory loss of what happened as well. Poor boy was all apologetic when he found out he almost clipped Yuen’s hand. Issokay you have plenty more parties to make up for it okay?

VinVin Tomb Raider, Ricky Poseidon, Joyie Chun Li, Justin Mah Ip Man and the funniest err, costume a Z- bra! -___________- I laughed when I found out about it, that’s Kevin.

Among the two boys that I love the most. A terrorist and a psychotic doctor. I love you weird people. It was fun seeing you guys having fun, funner when I had to carry all three of you including the overgrown Justin Bieber to bed. You guys were like dead corpse on bed.

DJ Edmund and Lenny who made sure good songs are played all night despite security guards came to 'visit' numerous of times. Surprisingly, I was not near worried at all.

That my friends is one of the proof that Daren should take all the blame for puking all over the balcony that night. This was among the very few photo we had of him, because he was constantly missing for drinks. And whaddaayaknow, he’s up to some conjob drinking in this pic again :

There were a couple of superheroes and villains that night. So we decided to take a shot of all of us, all macho and heroic like. You know, something like the cover of DC and Marvel Comics. I FEEL DAMN AWESOME LOH TO BE PART OF IT.

Sweetheart Denise, who came as a gypsy Esmeralda in mind but got me and Audrey thought she was a German Bavarian. She was like, *throw hands in the air* anythinglah.

Did I tell you, I love you? :)

Sara and Linda kept telling me to make the Wonderwoman smile! What’s that?! Here’s a picture of me and my colleagues seemed all set for a good night!

There were a couple of things I’d like to share with you guys, mark my words when I say I will not invite people who thinks parties and socialising should be served, spoonfed to them because I particularly loathe these people. So if you think that you didn’t meet a lot of people and all you did was sitting down or hanging around with the same crowd and start complaining to me, excuse me while I jot down on my notepad that you will never be invited in any of the parties I’m part of again. Come on, we're alot more mature than that yeah?

Do you recognise who's who, or rather who's what?

See you next year!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


pinky tham said…
hopefully next year I would be able to make it!!! :(:(:( you guys seems to like have shitload of fun.. ahem drunk taliban hehe
Jacqkieee. so fun oo your hollowday. Hahaha! send my regards to poseidon okeh. Hahaha!
taufulou said…
dammm...the in house party look so kewl! like what we seen in those Hollywood movie with DJ deck some more! sure a great HAlloween Partie~

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