Eins, zwei, drei, g'suffa!

October is a special month! :)

It's filled with birthdays of - yours truly, Mummy's, Sway's, Karen's... among many other. October is when I toast to happy days the most. Wishing for all good things ahead of us.

This October however is extra, extra special. At least it should be.

Say hello to Oktoberfest! :)

Undoubtedly, September was a crazy month for me. The nuffies (namely Yuen, Michelle and Fresh) and I almost everyday come to office with the craziest of workload on us. But if there's one thing special with these bunch of people as well is the fact that we can really have fun after all the craziness. So this month our plan is to attend as many Oktoberfests' parties scattered around as we could. So we covered Souled Out Hartamas last Friday, maybe Sid's TTDI next Thursday, and of course Laundry Bar the next day which also falls on a Friday! Yeay! :)

*fingers crossed - work will be merciful on us these nights*

After a long day of work, the girls and I just wanted to unwind for abit and relax :) Now that Paulaner is freshly served in places nearby my place like MidValley, TGIF, The Curve, Sid's - my favourite Friday night spot Zouk, there's almost no reason for party people around me not to enjoy their drinks all night long this month. My friends and party people back in Sabah gets to enjoy the street party this October 16 at Waterfront as well. Yeap!

Last Friday was the official kick-off for Oktoberfest here in Klang Valley, we were rushing all our work to leave office on time to enjoy our favourite drinks and after getting lost for about an hour or so right up to Jinjang, we finally found our way :)

...and was welcomed with a massive 1 litre mug.

Err, say hello to free flow!

Best part about this Oktoberfest’s promotion is that for just RM50! – you can have this massive mug of your favourite beer Tiger. Pretty awesome I’d say. I shall bring the BF for some beer shower next time, shall we? :)

But of course, I was quite a fail drinker turned out I only had to gulp once, cause after that I was already feeling kinda woozy from all the tiredness from work. Yeah so pathetickan. One mug of supposedly free flow, turns out I literally had only one mug -________-

I had meself this temporary tattoo as well, because well... I was feeling very restless at that time.

We were extremely hungry as well, so we head down to get some bigass German sausages. Which I first tried back when I was in Aussie! OMG they're really awesome, and not too expensive either - the sauces which came in Black Pepper, Onion and Barbeque were really good as well.

The best part about the Oktoberfest launch, I must say was the culturally induced elements in it. So it's a German fest... Of course there will be the guys wearing lederhosen, and the girls in their Bavarian and Dirndl dress. The girls were kinda wearing the sexified version of Bavarian dress ;)

I admit. Before all this I honestly did not know what this German Festival Oktoberfest was really all about. So I googled it, read about it in other places, and here's my understanding of what this festival's all about ;

It was a wedding celebration of a powerhouse couple, a Prince and a Princess in 1810, that has evolved in centuries to become some sort of a family and friends' gathering to enjoy the beers and lagers brewed by local breweries. So technically, kids can join in the fun as well, except - no drinks in hand! :) For more information on the Klang Valley Oktoberfest Celebrations, check out here, Oktoberfest with all the beer-y details you need!

So here's a toast to a good October, a month we won’t mind to go through all that kinds of stress – but err, maybe no more for Linda. *evil laugh

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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