Horeca : Wonderland Party @ 7atenine

We swore not to get lost.

Well we kinda didn't until we reached KL, and was turning in circles figuring out where the hell that bar was. Until we reached at one point; and insisted that 7atenine was somewhere there.

Red traffic light - Sigh. How do you say this... jaaaattee.

*completely ignoring Dee*

WTF. Look at the name of this bar.
What, what!
7atenine is right infront of us.
Ohhh. Was asking you just now what the bar's called! I thought the 7 was J! Like Jateynine.

This post is half-dedicated to you psycho.

I love this photo of you because it reminds me of how cute you are. I especially love it when you tell me these crazy weird stories and give me those crazy eyes look.

Last Thursday was Horeca's Wonderland Themed Party at 7atenine. Was invited by Yuen and though I reached there quite late, I was happy enough to get meself a glass of cocktail (Wonderhill - Bacardi and apple).

Horeca's a School of Bartending / Mixology by the way :) Check out the female nuffies, and my huge bow!

Some of us managed to get tons of drink coupons thanks to Huai Bin! Think I've found the new Daddy Alcohol. He made sure everyone of us had our cocktails and he was drinking some strong hard liquor himself. Forgot what it was. I remembered I wasn't a fan of it.

7atenine seems like a cool bar. Was my first time there that night, and thought the open air environment seems pretty chilling.

My Wonder Hill! I forgot who took a photo of me this upclose can see everything. Sigh. Now you know I don't Photoshop my photos wan.

Then these two monkeys came! Thank you thank you! I know I can always count on you two for events. Always come for free stuffs wan. He he he. Yaya, I kinda looked annoyed here.

Flashes every second, cause I was taking a lot of photos. Then Kerry was like,

"That's such a blogger thing to do."

Actually, I'm usually not that snappy of photos but particularly that night I felt like snapping away every damned thing. I don't know O.O

Two of my senior colleagues that taught most of the operations that I'm doing today. Thank you Michelle and Karen :)

After the Wonderland event, Kerry, Sway and I wanted to do some more hang-out and possibly dancing action. Was already feeling beyond guilty leaving Dee :(

Went to Poppy to get some drinks and realised that the club was empty. There were a couple of ah bengs dancing on the dancefloor lah, but we thought it was rather pathetic to join them on such an empty dancefloor. So we decided to go to... ZOUK!

NOT COOL. I looked like a misplaced kindergarten teacher in the club -__________-

That was already 12something, reached home late and only slept at about 3AM, then woke up at 7AM somemore. WEEEE.

No rest for the wicked I tell you.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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